Two-Toned Paint Job

Houston artists David Adickes and Justin Garcia team up again for a special abstract show.

By Nick Esquer November 9, 2015

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Storied Houston sculptor David Adickes and up-and-coming abstract painter Justin Garcia couldn’t be any more different in their respective approaches to creating art. One is known for his giant-sized heads of American presidents—everyone has an Instagram pic where they’re peering into Clinton’s ear—and one is known for his moody and reflective abstract expressionist paintings. Even with their dissimilar art forms and difference in age (Adickes is 88 and Garcia is almost three times his junior), the pair has created a truly unique partnership over the years.

“David always has big ideas, literally. He’s very ‘go-with-the-flow’ in his approach,” says Garcia. “It’s very surreal to work alongside him. He has so much wealth and knowledge about art and history. He’s a salt-of-the-earth artist.”

In their new collaboration, Dos Amigos Nuevamente, a one-night-only event this Saturday at Adickes’ new just-north-of-downtown art studio, the artists show their new, respective and collaborative works. “This is a new series of abstract work that people don’t really know David for,” mentions Garcia, noting Adickes’ popularity as a sculptor rather than as a painter.

In Garcia’s portion, culled from his new series, Reflections, he pulls the viewer in with a play on shades of color. “It is all about the physiology of painting and color and the opponent process. You’re eyes trigger faster when seeing different shades of colors. Like, that’s why we can tell the difference between blue and aqua blue.”

Working alongside Adickes has opened up a ton of wisdom for the young painter, who says Houston, even though not as well known as it should be as an arts city, will always be his home base. “I don’t think Houston has as much appreciation as it should as an arts city. The city as a whole is not on the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to art. But I don’t see myself leaving.”

After the event, Garcia will continue on with the new series, which blends one of his favorite subjects: science. Garcia is a detective of sorts, studying theories and analyzing the many different ways in which the viewer can see something right in front of them.

“There’s a little controlled chaos. You have to let it come to you. For me, it’s all about investigation and science. I try to let the techniques just come in.”

Dos Amigos Nuevamente. Saturday, Nov 14. 5. Free. David Adickes Studio, 2401 Nance St.

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