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The Dishes to Seek Out During Houston Restaurant Weeks

We scoured to find interesting entrees gracing those prix fixe menus this August.

By Timothy Malcolm July 16, 2018

Get yourself in a Tex Mess. Liberty Kitchen is bringing it back for Houston Restaurant Weeks.

Image: Carla Gomez

Houston Restaurant Weeks is upon us. The website is live, revealing about 245 eateries (restaurants, cafes, and a couple of Top Golfs) that will offer prix fixe brunch, lunch, and/or dinner specials from Aug. 1 to Sept. 3.

Restaurant Weeks officials expect the list to grow through Aug. 1.

This year, eateries are offering either $35 or $45 dinners, $20 lunches and $20 brunches. For each meal sold, restaurants will donate a fixed amount of money to the Houston Food Bank.

So, what’s out there on those prix fixe menus? Here are a couple fun selections from the featured menus being rolled out on the website, whetting your whistle for August:

  • For dinner, Ouisie’s Table will get you all prepared for decorative gourd season with its pumpkin-seed-crusted speckled sea trout. The six-ounce trout will be served with a caper lemon sauce with bacon and garlic beans, plus roasted potatoes and onions. Of course, the pumpkin seeds are there to deliver some color and texture, but they’re chock full of fiber, so think of this as a healthy prelude to fall.
  • Caracol is offering a bunch of $45 dinner options, including a wine tasting and a tequila tasting. Then there’s the “Our Style Menu,” which includes a corn-and-lobster-infused tamale, sauteed lobster with lobster sauce and chipotle oil. Caracol will be pairing this decadent dish that personifies the restaurant’s seaside Mexican mission with a chenin blanc from the Sacramento area of California.
  • You can always rely on Backstreet Cafe for innovative dishes, even at brunch, which is why its Long Point Brunch (bulgogi-glazed beef cheeks, kimchi grits, and eggs) feels like a necessary item to seek out. An attempt at some quintessential Houston fusion hiding out in a Restaurant Weeks brunch menu.
  • Some restaurants tend to pepper their Restaurant Weeks menus with tried-and-true dishes that aim to show new customers what they’ve been missing. Masraff’s is doing a little bit of that in the dessert course of its $45 dinner (hot mini donuts), but it’s also adding a boozy milk and cookies, which is a bourbon vanilla milkshake served with spiked oatmeal raisin cookies. If that doesn’t say “draw in new customers,” I don’t know what does.
  • Finally, some restaurants bring back old favorites for the occasion. All locations of Liberty Kitchen are doing this with their Tex Mess platter. For the $20 lunch option, get two fried tacos, a 4 oz. carne asada steak, grilled onions, and a pimento cheese enchilada with Colombian hogao sauce. 

Houston Restaurant Weeks is also a good time to make reservations for that higher-price-point restaurant you’ve been putting off forever. As of today 41 steakhouses are participating, while more than a few trendy, of-the-moment restaurants are also taking part. Not every restaurant has updated its menu yet, so you may have to head back to find out what your bucket-list spot is doing this year.

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