Lucky In Love: Houston Has a Low Divorce Rate

A new study finds marriage rates in Houston are high, and the divorce rate is low.

By Geneva Diaz December 1, 2021

A new study finds Houstonians may be lucky in love. 

While being happily married to “the one” can rely upon many personal preferences and factors, it appears Houstonians have better luck finding their other half than most other cities do. A new study finds that Houston ranked No. 2 for highest marriage rates and No. 4 in low divorce rates. 

After analyzing 20 major US cities on the probability of highest marriage success, the study done by Intimate Rose, a women’s research and product website, found that when looking solely at the city’s married population (36.5%), Houston’s divorce rates were very low (21%). Another fact included in the study was that there are 12 family/marriage therapists per 10,000 married and divorced capita.

Divorce Rate per City's Married Population of 2019, Courtesy of Intimate Rose.

While the current divorce rate in the US is 2.9 per 1,000 and has increased since 1960, by evaluating the divorce rate statistics by each year, it’s clear that the rate of divorce in the US is on a decline. This correlates with when and if people marry as well as new cohabitation trends. 

Other facts the study found about the US as a whole include:

  • More marriages were occurring within the 26 to 30 age group in both men and women in 2019. It was observed that this age group was more likely to settle down with their love partner, starting at age 26.
  • An estimated 57.09% of women got divorced in 2019 compared to 42.91% of men.
  • Meanwhile, men and women ages 70 and older had the highest divorce rate in 2019 across all age groups with 14.87%.
  • Based on the US Census 2019 Divorce Population (over 29 million), divorces increased by 14 in every 15 seconds. This amounts to approximately 56 divorces per minute, 3,380 divorces per hour, 81,109 divorces per day, 567,766 divorces per week, and 2,441,395 in a month.

To learn more about the ranking and methodology, visit intimaterose.com.


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