Whenever HOUSTON TEXAS gets a bulletin from Frankie MacDonald, the wise among us heed his advice: we stock up on cases of Pepsi and Coke and pre-order our delivery pizza and Chinese food.

That's because the autistic 29-year-old Canadian weather obsessive almost always knows what's in store for us and his delivery of these dire meterological tidings is so passionate and earnest.

Here is his forecast for a very wet Halloween. Attention kids: better dress as your favorite Deadliest Catch character, and take care to avoid the SIDEWAYS RAIN and not to get STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. 

MacDonald has long been fascinated with weather and the tech-savvy Nova Scotian generates a daily North American weather report from his bedroom in a Cape Breton town called Sydney. He now has more than 6000 Twitter followers and in the ultimate Internet form of tribute, a (thankfully false) rumor of his death was floated earlier this year. 

Earlier this year he told CBC.com that he has always wanted to be a weatherman. "I like it, I like when people say, 'Frankie you are doing a great job, doing the weather.'"  

What he and his family don't like are nasty YouTube commenters, of which there are legion. Seriously, where do all those people dwell when they are not typing poorly-spelled vitriol on that site?

Here's Darlene MacDonald, Frankie's aunt, on the subject: "It's very, very hurtful. They wouldn't speak like that if it was their relative or their son, basically they don't know what autism is and they don't realize [those with autism] have feelings too."  

As Frankie himself put in speaking to the Toronto Star, “Some of the people make fun of me on the Internet and it is not a nice thing to do. I have a good heart.”

 And here is Frankie, one more time, with general tips and pointers on Halloween:


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