Spring is here in full force, and with it, flowers and lace and other little pretty girly things. Now I’m not about to turn all dark on you because I am, in fact, all about color. But if you feeel the need to add some edge to that floral-and-lace minidress, we've got some ideas.

No grown woman should look like she is off to a little girl's birthday party unless she is, indeed, off to a little girl's birthday party. Throw in something with an edge.

You might try countering the primness of lace with a rocking necklace (as seen at top right on the Joie lace top, from French Cuff Boutique).  

You could also wear a piece that has that edge built into it, such as the Smythe blazer at left, also from French Cuff Boutique, with those standout pockets. 

My favorite way to wear a floral dress is with a cropped leather motorcycle jacket (or blazer) and tons of layered necklaces. That way, it’s not just another dainty little dress (no no no). (AllSaints Leather Jacket, Lucca Couture Floral Dress, John Lewis Necklace) 

But hey, if you love the ladies-who-lunch look, own it: add long lacy gloves and equestrian-inspired hats. Just throw that rockin' necklace into your floral canvas tote so you're well prepared when the tea party's over. 

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