Always wanted to go to Morocco, but scared of flying? Don't worry: a Casablanca-style castle is right here in town, on West Rivercrest Drive, and it's for rent. 

For a mere $26,000 a month, you can drive up to this every day:


 The stresses of navigating nearby broad majestic Westheimer soothed by the waters of the burbling star-shaped fountain, step inside to this:


 All that stone-work, all those tiles, that chandelier? Those braziers and that tea set? All from Morocco.


Now look up. Dome sweet dome!



  The formal dining room gets all Versailles up in this piece. 





 While this salon looks like the setting for a bracing round of Middle East peace talks.


The internal courtyard is a pleasurable setting to take a cocktail in the cool of the evening.




Freshen up here.



 Want to see more? Dash like a Rabat on over to

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