City Acre owners Matt and Meredith Schlabach. | Via Facebook

Each Friday, Gastronaut rounds up the most notable opening and closing of the week.

This week ended with some great news from our friends at City Acre Brewing Co., which just got one step closer to finally opening its long-awaited brewpub. Back in our August issue on craft beer, Houstonia addressed the question of why there aren't more brewpubs in the city. The short answer is red tape, bureaucracy, and paperwork—but none of those things have prevented City Acre founder Matt Schlabach from pushing forward with his plans to transform an old mansion off the Eastex Freeway just minutes north of downtown into a brewpub with attached gardens, so that Schlabach and his team can grow produce for the brewpub's food menu on site.

"The City of Houston finally released all of our permits for construction," wrote Schlabach in a press release. "Not to simplify things too much, but our next steps are construction, city inspections and opening our doors." Schlabach doesn't expect for this to happen until 2015, but, he writes: "the main takeaway here is that we are closer than ever and thrilled with our progress."

Speaking of progress, Van Loc officially closed its doors this week after a 28-year run in Midtown. Its owners told the Houston Press last week that they were ready to retire, being in their 60s. Since no other family members wanted to take the Vietnamese restaurant over, the owners sold the expensive real estate, where it's now speculated that Senterra Real Estate Group will soon build a mid-rise office building with ground-level retail.


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