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Katherine Le in her Ava Le jewelry pieces.

Katherine Le seemed like the ultimate society success story. Her 2006 wedding to Hao Nguyen was inspired by the over-the-top nuptials of Donald and Melania Trump and was featured in People magazine and on E! News, where an editor said the couple "out-Trumped the Trumps" by inviting an extra 200 people.

Since then she's made the society rounds, named to the Houston Chronicle's competitive Best Dressed list in 2010, and starting her own luxury jewelry line, Ava Le, which has been featured at Neiman Marcus and seen on celebrities and in magazines in Houston and beyond.

It all sounds like something out of The Real Housewives—The Real Housewives of New Jersey, to be exact. On Thursday, Le was arrested alongside her husband and four of their associates. Each has been charged with money laundering by Harris County officials, concealing over $300,000 in profits from an illegal gambling operation, reports the Chronicle's Brian Rogers.

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Gemstone bracelets designed by Katherine Le

Le's bail (like that of her others arrested in the case) has been set at $1 million, a figure that could probably be met by putting up a handful of her pricy jewelry pieces. If convicted, each of the defendants could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Is this the end of Le's society circle days? Not necessarily. Remember, Oscar Wyatt went to jail for nearly a year in 2008-2009 over his illegal dealings with Iraq, and that brush with the criminal justice system hasn't dimmed wife and reigning society doyenne Lynn Wyatt's star power. 

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