We girls are always looking for new ways to adorn ourselves. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and hair accessories are all embellishments we like to wear daily. I recently wrote about trends at Coachella and how the revival of the '90s-era choker was a dominating trend among the festival crowd. It also happens to be one of my favorite accessories, which inspired me to come up with a few new ways to wear this "it" piece. The age-old garter belt look came to mind and I thought, "Why not adorn our legs with a bit of jewelry, ribbons or flowers?" 

For this silvery evening outfit I wrapped my legs with two matching bands from Krispen. These rhinestone bands with snap closures can be used as leg-chokers, boot collars or double wrapped as bracelets. 

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Image: Angie Fanelli

To compliment this floral tunic, I wrapped a rose floral and yellow daisy headband. 

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Image: Kerri Glenn

This dress, boots and gloves call for a moto look, so I bought some silver studded ribbon at High Fashion Fabrics. A very inexpensive way to spice up an outfit.

Thigh4 bnrko7

Image: Angie Fanelli

Time for a sno-cone at Bungalow. My floral shorts and pink bralette called for colorful accessories. I adorned my legs here with floral headbands and a pink leg ribbon that the rave-girls like to wear. 

Thigh5 oifhxz

Image: Angie Fanelli

No reason you can't adorn your pants or jeans with some flowers too!

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