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Step inside to meet the two Woodys.

Image: Cory Garcia

If you’ve ever wondered to whom the lyrics “You’re hot and you’re cold” from Katy Perry’s smash hit “Hot n Cold” were directed at, speculate no more. She is most definitely referring to “Woody,” the official mascot of the Central Texas pub and sports bar chain Little Woodrow’s, whose personality is represented in their namesake drink, The Woody.

Regulars at any Little Woodrow’s location are probably familiar with their cold version of the drink, the Frozen Woody, a refreshing, citrusy Slurpee-like beverage made with orange juice, peach schnapps and Cruzan rum. (On particularly stressful, sweaty days, this reporter swears by adding an extra floater of blue curacao.) Because we Texans can usually can count on two hands the number of really cold days we have each year, the Frozen Woody is more often than not the Woody with whom, so to speak, we want to chill.

However, unless you’re living in a sauna last month, it probably has not escaped your notice that it's been friggin' freezing out. Temperatures rise, but who knows for how long, so I suggest you introduce yourself to the considerably warmer Woody drink, the Hot Woody.

On offer “as long as there are cold days,” which in my guess—and management agreed—is at least through March, the Hot Woody is a soothing liquid salve of apple cider combined with whiskey, Fireball and butterscotch. It goes down dangerously smooth, warming you from inside out from head to toe and quickly assuaging any residual anxiety from that ice in the road or maybe that encounter with your ice queen coworker. Get your mitts around a steaming mug sooner rather than later.

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