The India Pale Ale has quickly become the most popular beer style in America, with new sub-styles and variations popping up every day. In Houston alone, there are over 200 IPAs to choose from. Trying them all could be a new favorite hobby, but if you’re looking to shorten that list, make sure Full-tang IPA is on it.

Full-Tang IPA is a Tangerine IPA from Revolver Brewing in the small town of Granbury, Texas. It’s built on a solid malt foundation of 2-row pale malt and some caramel malt for a touch of sweetness. It features four hops — Saphir, Mandarina, Apollo and Citra — each with a pronounced citrus character. The addition of tangerine peel accentuates the citrus flavor and aroma of the hops without overshadowing it.

The result is a well-balanced IPA with a nuanced fruit character and classic IPA finish. It’s easy to find examples of other beers that employ a heavy-handed approach to their fruit addition. Often, this fruitiness can overwhelm the beer, giving you a pint that’s hard to finish. Full-Tang IPA is drinkable from the first pint to the last, and its subtle tangerine character showcases the kind of restraint that comes from their Master Brewer’s 30+ years of experience.

Full-Tang IPA was first brewed as a seasonal release back in 2016, but due to popular demand, it made the jump to full-time production this year with Revolver Brewing’s move to cans. It’s a great pick and could easily be your new go-to IPA.

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