The Reese's Mousse Pie at Ooh La La is the dessert of your peanut butter dreams.

Image: Kimberly Park

‘Fess up. Is your dirty, err, sticky little secret that you are obsessed with peanut butter? Do you you put that ish on everything? Do you contemplate naming your first-born (or maybe you already have) after Marcellus Gilmore Edson? Do you shudder to even think about having to choose between smooth and chunky for the rest of your life (they’re both so good!). If yes, you peanut butter lover, this list is for you.

In honor of National Peanut Butter Lovers' Day (which apparently is today, the same day as National Kolache Day), here are our five favorite peanut butter foods in Houston right now.

Susie’s Nutty, SusieCakes

There are plenty of terrific peanut butter cookies to be purchased in Houston, but SusieCakes takes the peanut factor to the third power with its signature “Nutty” confection. Two of the bakery’s über dense peanut butter cookies are welded together with peanut butter-infused buttercream frosting to form the ultimate sweet PB sammie. Beverage pairing: ice-cold whole milk.

Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes, Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Wake up this morning feeling not-so-bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed? Head to Snooze for a double espresso and platter-sized peanut butter cup pancake. The fluffy, buttery flapjack itself is studded with miniature peanut butter cups, then doused in a sugary peanut butter glaze and laced with chocolate syrup. Maple syrup provided but not suggested unless “falling into a diabetic coma” is a life goal. Beverage pairing: double espresso.

Nutter Butter Milkshake, Chill...The Milkshake Bar

Although “Peanut Butter Attack” is one of Chill’s many delectable milkshake flavors, we actually recommend the “Nutter Butter” for its more subtle, smoother notes of peanut butter cream. Fans of this famous Nabisco cookie (shaped like a peanut ... genius!) will be pleased to find bits of the the sandwich wafers in their shake. Beverage pairing: water.

Reese’s Mousse Pie, Ooh La La Sweets  

A most recent addition to Ooh La La’s scrumptious line of cakes, bars, and macarons, the Reese’s Mousse Pie is the perfect union of chocolate, peanut butter, and candy. A chocolate cookie crumb crust serves as the crunchy base for this textured tiered confection, whose middle layer of cement-thick peanut butter mousse is then covered in hard chocolate ganache and garnished with a crown of airy peanut butter whipped cream and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wedges. Beverage pairing: decaf coffee with a splash of cream.

Sticky Monkey Burger, Hubcap Grill

This mecca for lovers of grilled patties and pilsners actually offers two admirable peanut butter burgers, the “Sticky” and “Sticky Monkey.  Both involve a juicy all-beef burger, American cheese, a generous schmear of chunky peanut butter, and bacon, but we prefer the latter for its addition of grilled bananas, whose botanical, starchy sweetness wonderfully complements the pork and peanut flavors. Beverage pairing: local brew of your choice. 

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