Let chef pick a dream meal for you at Nobu.

Image: Courtesy Nobu

We know about omakase, the traditional Japanese meal in which you're at the chef’s mercy. Anything goes, and chances are you’ll experience the finest possible ingredients a sushi restaurant has available. The heavy hitters in town have them, from MF Sushi to Kata Robata, but I hadn’t yet tried the service at the internationally renowned Nobu.

Not until now, at least.

I recently visited the Galleria restaurant during lunch, which is when I normally go, since it’s more relaxed and casual. The host led my party to the sushi bar; we received the typical greeting and took our seats facing the sushi chef, who we practically had all to ourselves. The other guests at Nobu were but an afterthought; already, I felt this was the way to do Nobu's omakase.

We received about 10 dishes throughout the meal, and the fish were of high quality. One highlight: gamey, savory bonito served with caviar, gold leaf, and bitter miso sauce that was just perfect. The more minimalistic and neutral rose perch and ruby snapper was heightened by spicy accompaniments. Later, a bowl of fresh eel over rice, known as unadon, with slightly bitter shiso leaf, combined saltiness with a slightly sweet rice base. Throughout the meal the flavor balance was spot on.

The Nobu omakase is $125, which seems steep, but with somewhere around a dozen exciting and finely tuned dishes, you’re getting your money’s worth. Plus, these are items you’re not getting on the standard Nobu menu. If you’ve been to Nobu before and crave an adventurous, curious option, the omakase is a perfect choice.

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