Houston’s skyline isn’t the only thing that keeps jutting up and up into the stars. World-class musicians, world premiere plays, high-flying productions and high-minded lectures have all lifted Houston’s arts offerings into the stratosphere of late. What’s wrong with that, you ask? It’s all a bit much to take in, a smorgasbord too vast for all but the most gluttonous arts maven. Hence, this year’s guide, a cruelly reductive, overly selective and by definition arbitrary companion to the fall arts season.  Are there 40 other hot tickets that might have made my list? Of course there are. Do I expect to be skewered for leaving them off? Of course I do. But know this: every minute you spend here quibbling with me is one less minute you’ll have to snag the tickets below, so argue at your peril. 


In This Feature:

Fall Arts Preview 2015: Theatre

The Alley reopens, Peter Pan joins the 21st century and professional wrestling muscles its way to center stage

09/01/2015 Photography by Nick Esquer

Fall Arts Preview 2015: Dance/Opera

Tons of Tchaikovsky, dueling Manons and Carmen gets stripped down

09/01/2015 By Nick Esquer

Fall Arts Preview 2015: Visual Arts

Improvisational Ideas, illuminated Intersections and a very Rothko retrospective

09/01/2015 By Nick Esquer

Fall Arts Preview 2015: Readings/Concerts

The piano man, the Barefoot Contessa and the musings of a Texas memoirist

09/01/2015 By Nick Esquer

Fall Arts Preview 2015: Classical Music

Russian accordions, the Vienna Boys Choir and the all-American Aaron Copland

09/01/2015 By Nick Esquer