A storied quarter, yet somehow overlooked. A once and future sanctuary, but also a neighborhood. Peculiar yet familiar, folksy, and, yes, world-class. As areas of town go, the Museum District is eternally different, a place that has always thought itself to be just a little bit better than the city that surrounds it, expected just a little more of itself. And now, as one of the greatest attractions in this better angel of our nature rounds the century mark, the ever-flourishing district appears to have been prophetic too: a place that knew we were great even before we did, that had and has an unshakeable, limitless faith in our potential. It was a place that changed the city forever, and it still is.

In This Feature:

Hermann Park at 100

With the wind at its back (and $115 million in the bank), Hermann Park looks to realize its planners’ original vision.

06/02/2014 By John Nova Lomax

A Guide to Hermann Park’s Centennial Art Installations

Hermann Park celebrates its 100th birthday with five special public exhibitions.


Take a Staycation: How to Spend 48 Hours in the Museum District

Ditch the car, grab your clubs, and come hungry

06/02/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

The Museum District in 10 Objects

A guide to finding the Berlin Wall and other pieces of history


The 7 Exhibitions You Really Can’t Afford to Miss

Exhibitions are fleeting—make sure to catch these while before they leave town.

06/02/2014 By Michael Hardy

Toot Toot! Go For a Ride With Hermann Park’s Train Conductor

Abraham Tolbert can’t think of anything else he’d rather be doing.

06/02/2014 By Peter Holley

Hands-On Fun in the Museum District

Just because you can’t touch the art doesn’t mean you can’t make some of your own—just check out these five workshops.

06/02/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

What’s It Like to Be a Museum Guard at the MFAH?

No, they don’t carry guns. No, you can’t touch the paintings.

06/02/2014 By Michael Hardy Illustrations by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre

10 Restaurants Within Walking Distance of the Museum District

From sumptuous brunches to late-night munching and everything in between

06/02/2016 By Katharine Shilcutt

A Chat With the Zookeeper

Or, why modern zookeeping is healthier for everyone involved

06/02/2014 By Peter Holley

A Privileged Childhood: Growing Up in the Museum District

Whatever you call it, don’t call it West U.

06/02/2014 By John Nova Lomax

Meet the Director of Dinosaurs at HMNS

David Temple has the job you always wanted as a kid.

06/02/2014 By Peter Holley

The Best Gift Shops in the Museum District

Need a uterus-shaped pillow? How about a wooden bowtie?

06/02/2014 By Kerry Howley