With the release of Disney+, the subsequent debut of America’s new green-alien sweetheart Baby Yoda, and the continued mainstreaming of Marvel and DC comic books, you could say it’s a good time to be a nerd.

Thanks to streaming services and the worldwide web, so much of the realm of geekdom has become easily accessible, with products and likeminded individuals just a few clicks away. Maybe that’s why the very concept of the nerd has undergone such a makeover. This is no longer a world where a nerd needs to take off her glasses to reveal the non-nerd underneath. Instead we’re in a world where those glasses stay on, and if you’re into Doctor Who or D&D, or sporting Vulcan ears at Comic-Con, more power to you.

What is a nerd these days, anyway? Here in 2020, everyone has her passion. Things that were once hallmarks of geekdom are now the norm. Responsible adults play hours of video games online and decorate their cubicles with obscure Pop! Vinyls. Superhero-movie marathons are family-bonding rituals. The past decade has seen an explosion of appreciation for things that previously were relegated to niche conventions and obscure message boards.

Houston has a plethora of places where we can scratch our nerdly itches and find fellowship with others who know as much about Tolkien as they do the Texans, if not more. And we at Houstonia have delved into the fires of Mordor and gotten a little timey-wimey as we’ve explored Space City to present you with this, the Geek’s Guide to Houston.**

* By the way, there’s really no such thing as a nerd anymore.
** While we at Houstonia have striven to be as inclusive as possible, owing to limitations of time, space, and the time-space continuum, we understand that many geek interests are not represented in this feature and hereby disclaim any liability to any geek or nerd interest that has not been included herein. May the force be with you.

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