Brunch, you say? Pshaw. Brunch is for the soft, the weak, the I-want-to-hit-the-snooze-button-and-eat-pancakes-too crowd (also known as the Houstonia staff on weekends). But breakfast, well, breakfast is for conquerors. It’s for early birds whose reward is not the worm—not here—but a plate of Texas brisket, a couple of sunny-side-ups and a towering stack of pancakes washed down with bottomless cups of java. And while breakfast has always been the best reason to get out of bed in the morning, in Houston there are some worth getting out of bed for, putting on your clothes, leaving the house and doling out your hard-earned money. Meals magnificent and majestic. What are you waiting for? Up and at ’em!

In This Feature:

The Baker’s Dozen: Houston’s 13 Best Breakfasts

Brunch, you say? Brunch is for the weak—these establishments are all open by 9 a.m. Up and at ‘em!

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

The Breakfast Klub: An Odyssey

What to expect when you’re expecting to wait.

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

Consider the Kolache

Is our beloved Czech pastry poised for world domination?

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

Eggs 101: How to Tell Soft-Poached from Over Medium

The humble egg has never enjoyed a sunnier spotlight. Here are some of the most popular versions, and some of the best places to get them.

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

French Toast: The 5 Fanciest

A quintessential quintet

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

International House of Pancakes (and Pho): Behind the Spread

How do you pronounce foul? And what's up with uppma? A guide to the 10 international breakfast dishes you've got to try.

05/04/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

Eat and Run: 5 Fast Breakfast Favorites

You’re busy, we get it—but there’s still time for the most important meal of the day.

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

5 Hot Spots for Power Breakfasts

For when you absolutely must close a deal before lunch.

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

Houston’s 5 Best Breakfast Sandwiches

Open-faced or not, the sandwich isn’t just for lunch anymore.

05/03/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt