The mercury is rising above 100, the sun is searing the asphalt, the sprinkler is working overtime, and life is amazing. In one hand you hold the most classic of American foods, a warm, juicy hamburger; in the other, a cold, hoppy beer.

An awesome burger isn’t just about the marriage of beef and bun, it’s also about the moment you’re enjoying it—at a summertime cookout with family, on a Friday night with friends, or after a round of drinks and a trip to the drive-thru. And beer? Maybe you met your best friend or partner over one. This stuff is personal.

We at Houstonia get it. We too love this iconic combination—more than ever (which we didn’t think was possible) after fanning out across the city in search of the best of the best. And we want to share what we’ve discovered and tell a few stories along the way. So, grab your friends and bring your appetite. Let’s start the summer right.

In This Feature:

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Houston's Brewing Patriarch Talks 25 Years of Beer

We chatted with Saint Arnold Brewing Co.'s founder Brock Wagner about the evolution of the craft beer scene in Houston—which, of course, he helped create.

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I Ate a Three-Pound Burger and Lived to Write About It

The Mega Mel at Mel's Country Cafe in Tomball isn't for the faint of heart—or stomach.

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