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5 Egg Sandwiches Worthy of Your To-Go Breakfast Binge

From nostalgic diner-style creations to loaded mashups, these are the savory handhelds that get us going.

By Joanna O'Leary

An egg sandwich from Dish Society

Dish Society turns up the savory with this ham, cheese, and egg sandwich.

The incredible, edible egg never goes out of style in my household; however, the availability of clean utensils to eat said ovum ... less reliable. On days when I’m looking for a hands-on, no-fork-requirement, contactless delivery egg dish, I order an egg sandwich, sometimes plain and simple, sometimes dressed to the nines. Here are my five go-to spots for takeout or delivery egg sandwiches.


Egghaus offers a number of satisfying egg sandwiches, but the Hangover is my favorite, even on mornings when I didn’t overindulge on the chardonnay the night before. And if you have, it’s particularly soothing given it contains a bit of the hair o’ the dog in the form of shredded chicken marinated in lager, plus lettuce, tomato, cilantro, avocado ranch, queso fresco, and natch, an egg prepared to your liking. All of the aforementioned components are stacked on a buttery bun, although those carbs can also be substituted for a bed of greens.

Common Bond

CB’s egg sandwich is what I imagine truck drivers eat in France. Pillowy pain de mie serves as the base for a luscious egg that's oozing yolk and peppery sausage topped with sharp white cheddar, crispy arugula, and piquant aioli. Weekdays it’s available until 11 a.m., but on weekends, not-so-early birds rejoice! You have until 4 p.m. to secure your sandwich.

House of Pies

Since Covid-19 has rendered time permanently out of joint, having breakfast for dinner (aka brinner) seems increasingly appropriate, and on those evenings I turn to House of Pies' BLTEC sandwich. As the acronym suggests, this classic combines bacon, lettuce, tomato, (fried) eggs, and (American) cheese on white bread toast. No frills but plenty of nostalgia, especially for fans of small-town diner fare.

Dish Society

They had me at pretzel bun. There is no better bread for an egg sandwich, IMHO, than twisted and salty, malty dough, and that is exactly what Dish Society uses as scaffolding for thick-sliced ham, cheese, and a sunny-side egg. Although Swiss is the default fromage, when ordering delivery you have the option of electing a substitute. We suggest gruyere.

Glazed: The Donut Cafe

Egg sandwich purists, you might want to stop reading now. Sweet-meets-savory enthusiasts, get ready for a game-changer. The shop, primarily known for its ring pastries in creative flavors such as crème brûlée and raspberry coconut, vends what might be the best collision of two worlds: a bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese sandwich served on a glazed donut. This explosive intersection of sugar and sodium feels so wrong, yet it tastes so right. Be forewarned: Once you’ve tried one, you will start to desire all your sandwiches be made with donuts instead of bread.

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