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Comfort Food Takeout Guide: River Oaks/Upper Kirby

Fancy shrimp and risotto, classic burgers, and barbecue meat in bulk.

Photography by Timothy Malcolm Published in the Fall issue of Houstonia Magazine

Tiny Boxwoods 

Want a meal that is so rich it’s downright life-affirming? Order up the best entrée from this Upper Kirby stalwart: the shrimp and risotto. A Parmesan and Champagne beurre blanc makes the rice luxurious; the flavorful topper of charred jumbo shrimp makes it downright addictive. You’ll pay a bit to eat from Tiny Boxwoods, but it’s a dinner you won’t soon forget.


One trip to this Greenway Plaza gem for lunch, and you’ll understand the words of Marge Simpson: “A hamburger with Salvadoran cheese, seared Spam, and soy serrano peppers? Now I’ve seen everything.” Chef Willet and Diane Wu Feng specialize in reinventing the classic burger, giving customers a checklist to customize their own wild (or tame) version, right down to the meat, toppings, and bun—we’ll take two patties, cheddar, bacon, pickles, pickled jalapeños, and scallion aioli, please. Do splurge on the loaded tots.

(Editor's note: burger-chan left Greenway Plaza during the printing of this issue. You can still get burger-chan takeout.)

Feges BBQ

Though the Greenway Plaza location changed its menu to deal with the pandemic, now serving sandwiches and daily specials like smoked barbacoa with cheese grits and whole hog with cornbread and coleslaw, you can still buy one to two pounds of straight-up barbecued meat in bulk, whether it’s a pound of sausage or pulled chicken or two pounds of pulled pork or chopped brisket. Those proteins will perk up any at-home meal, and there’s more good news: Chef Erin Feges’s outstanding sides, like sweet potato banana mash and pimiento mac ‘n’ cheese, can be ordered in family-size servings, too.

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