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With Christmas making its arrival next Saturday, the holiday party season has commenced. From annual office mixers to a girls night in, nothing gets the cocktails going like a delectable red wine.

Enjoy a glass of Jingle Cabernet Sauvignon with a traditional holiday Hallmark film, or sweet notes of red berries from a locally-sourced bottle from Erma Rose Winery. Any crowd will enjoy these delicious red wines while making a memorable night. 

No matter what event you’re hosting or making a grand entrance too, make spirits bright by sipping on these top 10 red wines, perfect for the holidays.  

Hallmark Channel Jingle Cabernet Sauvignon


Image: Total Wine

Jingle all the way through a Hallmark holiday movie marathon with a California Jingle Cabernet Sauvignon. With aromas of dark chocolate, cherry and a dash of holiday spice, this merry wine will be the perfect addition to any holiday gathering. 

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Red Decadence Chocolate Wine


Image: Total Wine

Ho ho ho and cocoa with Red Decadence’s Chocolate Wine.  A must-have for the chocolate lovers. Enjoy the blend of black cherry, blueberry and a chocolate truffle-like taste all wrapped in this delicious ruby wine. 

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Llano Merlot Local


Image: Llano Wine

Partly made in Texas High Plains, this local merlot by Llano is infused with heavenly red berries and plum. Whether your holiday dishes consist of juicy filet mignon or palatable pasta eats, this red wine will pair seamlessly. 

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Erma Rose Winery Royal Dragonfly Win Local


Houston winery Erma Rose has a delicious dark and rich red wine that is perfect for the holidays. Enjoy the festivities with the Royal Dragonfly Wine, featuring sweet notes of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries while snacking on cheesy hors d’oeuvres. 

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LGV Wines Domaine Nadal Hainaut


Image: LGV Wines

Made from rich black fruits and a hint of licorice is the elegant Domaine Nadal Hainaut. With notes of blueberry and chocolate, this Cabernet Sauvignon will be a great addition to any Christmas celebration. 

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Grower Project "The Source" Sangiovese Letkeman Vineyard 2019 Local


Image: Houston Wines

Made in the Texas high plains, the Grower Project’s The Source wine is palatable for any occasion. For holiday parties, guests will enjoy this deep red that’s both elegant and soft on the palate. Raise a glass with the fruit-forward Sangiovese Letkeman. 

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McBride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic 2019 California Red Blend


If you’re looking to support a Black-owned winery, The McBride Sisters is a great start. Revel in its inviting notes of tobacco and vanilla bean alongside raspberry and blackberry. The merlot blend also has hints of chocolate cherry for a bold sip. 

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Casalino Brunello di Montalcino


Image: Total Wine

While roasting chestnuts by an open fire, casually sip on the powerful red that is Casalino Brunello di Montalcino. Savor the flavors of plum and black cherry with hints of toasted oak and walnut in this full bodied wine. 

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Usual Wines Large Glass of Red Wine


Image: Usual Wines

If you want a bottle that doubles as unusual yet aesthetically pleasing decor, be sure to snag Usual Wine’s Red Wine. Indulge in this bright and fruity blend with muddled raspberry, black cherry and fennel without sugar or additives. 

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Messina Hof Paulo Tempranillo Local


Image: Messina Hof

Support local wineries by bringing Messina Hof’s Paula Tempranillo for any festive celebration. Guests will cheerfully toast in the spirit of Christmas while sipping dark cherry, vanilla and dried cloves for a refined finish. 

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