We asked six significant local chefs what they planned to cook this season, with their families and at their restaurants. The result? Call it tradition with a twist: a very Houstonian menu of indulgent, festive dishes that run the gamut from the down-home comfort of Luby’s to the refined elegance of La Table. We know, we know. Your great aunt, kids and neighbor Bob all expect—nay, demand—the same dishes on your table year after year. But never mind that: These recipes from Houston chefs will change their minds at first bite. So get cooking!

In This Feature:

Recipe: Ninfa and Domenic Laurenzo’s Kicked-up Turkey and Salsa Molcajete

Make your Thanksgiving turkey the way Mama Ninfa did.

10/30/2017 By Alice Levitt

Recipe: State of Grace’s Creamy, Crowd-Pleasing Poblano Spoonbread

This stuffing will transform anyone into a cornbread lover.

10/30/2017 By Katharine Shilcutt

Recipe: Luby’s Real-Deal Green Bean Casserole

Just like your grandma made it.

10/30/2017 By Nicki Koetting

Recipe: La Table’s Fabulously Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

Just add more butter. No, even more.

10/30/2017 By Alice Levitt

Recipe: Holley’s Habit-Forming Parker House Benne Seed Rolls

Recreate the closed restaurant's buttery, yeasty bread rolls at home.

10/30/2017 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Recipe: Brasserie 19’s Showstopping Spiced Apple Galettes

Impress your Thanksgiving guests with this fancy dessert.

10/30/2017 By Catherine Matusow