We know: It’s hot. If you’re willing to do the real work to cool down, fill up the gas tank, take some cash out of the ATM, and make the death merge onto your highway of choice to find the coldest, iciest treats Houston has to offer—it’s true, an epic sugar rush awaits. There will be trials and tribulations: Again that death merge, the blazing leather car seats, and that one pesky brain freeze (there’s even a must-visit gem in Pasadena named for it), but your efforts will pay off.  How do we know? We tried it—46 times to be exact. And let us tell you that first saccharine slurp or bite, the one that instantly drops your body temp a cool 20 degrees, is indeed worth it. We did this for summer. We did this to beat the heat. We did this—for you. Now go forth before it all melts away.

In This Feature:

There's so Much More to Summer Than Ice Cream

This summer, we're giving ice pops, raspas, snow cones, and more a taste.

05/31/2021 By Gwendolyn Knapp and Timothy Malcolm

The Most Instagrammable Ice Cream in Houston

In a city as Insta-obsessed as ours, it’s little wonder we have so many treats that aren’t just for refreshment; they’re actual, edible works of art. Add these to your feed.

05/28/2021 By Timothy Malcolm, Gwendolyn Knapp, and Joanna O'Leary

9 Road Trip-Worthy Desserts

We know. we live in our cars. But picture it: A lazy hot day. A 30-minute jaunt to a different neck of the woods for what: Lunch? A soccer game? An outlet mall? The following destinations won’t just complete the journey—they are the journey.

05/28/2021 By Timothy Malcolm and Gwendolyn Knapp

Our Favorite Date-Night Desserts

What’s a night out without giving your sweetie some sugar? These end-of-meal delights may be entirely cold-hearted—frigid to the core—but at the end of the day, it’s just dessert.

06/01/2021 By Timothy Malcolm, Gwendolyn Knapp, and Joanna O'Leary

Houston's Most Nostalgic Ice Creams

Ah, those halcyon summer days in the buggy yard, the grass collecting in the kiddie pool, the ice cream truck’s jingle carrying on the breeze.

05/31/2021 By Timothy Malcolm, Gwendolyn Knapp, and Joanna O'Leary

Spiked Treats to Cool off Your Summer Happy Hour

The following drinks bring equal parts booze and chill—do call the sitter.

05/27/2021 By Timothy Malcolm and Joanna O'Leary