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Best Champagnes To Sip On New Year's Eve

Toast to 2022 with these bubbly drinks.

By Danielle Wright

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As you gear up for New Year's Eve, you’re probably preparing for those endless flutes of champagne. But before you pop the bottles, make sure you purchase the right one to bring in 2022. 

Earlier in the season, designer Vera Wang launched her latest Party Prossecco that is a must-buy for the occasion. Alongside the festive wine, Texas has nice variety of sparkling wines to celebrate like White Texas’s craft brew sparkler. Whether you’re interested in the fruity aromas or a gorgeous bottle to compliment the table, these five wines will surely be crowd pleasers that will make for a memorable night.

Scroll ahead and shop five champagnes perfect for New Years. Each item listed is available for pick up in Houston. 

Vera Wang Party Prossecco


Celebrate like one of fashion's iconic designers, Vera Wang, with Party Prosecco  Enjoy this premium bottle of bold yet refreshing sparkling wine with aromas of apple and stone fruit. Go the extra mile of mixing in peach juice to sip on a tasty Bellini and keep the party going.

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Bottega Oro Prosecco


Image: Total Wine

The stunning gold design of the Bottega Pro Prosecco is enough to add to the winery lineup. Enjoy exotic fruits, honey, green apple and melon for a fresh taste. Plus those Instagram-worthy selfies with this bottle will epically accumulate likes throughout the night.

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West Texas Boyfriend Sparkling Wine Local


For a dryer palette, you’ll enjoy this locally sourced Boyfriend sparkling wine. This crowd favorite made in Texas High Plains, embodies notes of apricot and Asian pear that are great for those who enjoy craft brews or Bourbon.

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Heath Sparkling 2018 Euphoria Local


With playful aromas of peach, melon, almond and honeysuckle, revel in the festivities with the fruity blend of Euphoria by Heath Sparkling. This Texas wine has a rich texture with a refined contrast to its sparking taste.

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Tsarine Cuvée Adriana Local


Image: Total Wine

For a rich wine that’s fruitfully infused with ripe and juicy apples, you’ll enjoy Tsarine Cuvée Adriana’s bubbly champagne. Filled inside its classy and luxurious bottle is a delectable drink anyone will love. 

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