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Anya Tish Gallery is delighted to announce the inaugural Houston solo exhibition of Hungarian artist Árpád Forgó, titled Looking Round a Different Corner. A progeny of the Hungarian Neo-Avant Garde movement, Forgó constructs subtly kinetic paintings and shaped canvases that embody the concepts of cardinality, unity, division and plasticity.

Traditions of Suprematism, Color Field and Concrete Art are discernable in each of Forgó’s effulgently minimal works, promoting universality through deft reduction to the essentials of form, color, and line. Retreating from the classical handling of oil paint, Forgó uses the medium for its flexibility. Statuesque shapes emerge from the plane of the canvas, bringing the consistency and corporeal properties of oil paint to the foreground. Buttressed by his visceral sense of proportion and composition, fluid relationships between the whole and the segment become the crux of Forgó’s practice. Each piece reveals abundant variations of compositions as it is moved about, creating what the artist calls “illusory drift” and initiating a malleable space that gradually unfolds and transforms.

Árpád Forgó has exhibited in many international venues across four continents, among them the Museo della Permanente, Milan, Italy; Hun Gallery, New York City, New York; X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii; SNO Gallery, Sydney Australia; and Iletisim Kitabevi Gallery, Ismir, Turkey. Forgó has been awarded with numerous grants and residencies, including the Visegrad Artist Residency, Warsaw, Poland; the Visual Artist Grant from the National Cultural Fund of Hungary; the Artist Grant from Can Serrat International Art Center, El Bruc, Spain; and most recently a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont.

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Nov 20, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM