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Here’s How To Combat the Pandemic Parent Burnout

Learn how to ease up in a stressful household.

By Danielle Wright Edited by Shelby Stewart

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Being a parent is a full-time job.

Parenting, along with catering to your partner, while balancing a career and making time for everything in between, can be tough. The constant exhaustion that comes with being on-the-go can cause an extreme increase in stress levels, and according to renowned parenting expert and licensed educational psychologist Reena Patel, "Parent burnout is real."

Dr. Patel defines burnout as "the inability to bounce back from a hierarchy of stressors which translates into the inability to become resilient." While the feeling of exhaustion is a logical reaction to stress, the feeling of guilt remains for parents who can’t scratch everything off their to-do list.

Dr. Patel advises that most of the time, comparison is the root of guilt. "It's because such and such is doing better or doing more," Dr. Patel tells Houstonia. "One thing parents have to focus on is that it’s your family, and you create your own rules to what is acceptable and what is rational."

With mental health becoming an ongoing conversation within society today, it’s imperative to educate yourself, and pay attention to the body's warning signs before you begin to feel overwhelmed. According to the practitioner, signals include not getting enough rest or enough food, which can quickly turn into depression, isolation, memory loss and obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

In order to conquer parent burnout, Dr. Patel says the first step is acknowledgment.  "The first thing they have to do is become aware of it. Recognize the signs and say, 'oh, that's me.' Also, it’s okay to say, 'I need to step away.'  I think that's the hardest thing for parents."

Patel encourages mindfulness, and shares that being present in the moment is the main goal. By committing a few days to exercise, going for a walk, a monthly trip to the spa, or a relaxing bath, parents will be able to regain the energy needed to attend to their children’s needs. 

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