Wait, what in the heck just happened? We were going along just fine, then fall hit, the pumpkin spice came out, and we careened through the end of the year like that bus from Speed, dropping our workout routine, eating all the carbs, and throwing self-awareness out the window. Houston, it’s time to regroup. Which is why we put together some 60 ideas for taking care of ourselves in 2019, from trying goat yoga to calling our mom, getting a rad manicure to ditching our phones before bed, finding the right hairstylist to taking care of our skin. With this guide in hand, it’s all within reach: We can look great, and feel even better. Now, let’s do this! 

In This Feature:

10 Wellness Resolutions for 2019

We're all going to be better this year.

12/31/2018 By Abby Ledoux

10 Fitness Classes For Every Mood

So you’ve decided to start working out. Here’s where to go when you feel a certain way.

12/31/2018 By Abby Ledoux

5 Houston Experts Share the Locally Made Products They Can't Live Without

Upgrade your life with these hair and skincare picks from beauty pros.

12/31/2018 By Laura Furr Mericas

10 Standout Salons Worth Entrusting Your Tresses

Whatever your hair style or need.

12/31/2018 By Abby Ledoux

What's It Like Visiting a Manly Salon?

Entering the world of (manly) mani-pedis, (manly) facials, (manly) brow waxes—even (manly) shoulder massages at Tune Up — The Manly Salon.

12/31/2018 By Morgan Kinney

The 10 Best Spas in Houston

Treat yo'self. You deserve it.

12/31/2018 By Abby Ledoux

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Yoga

"I’d always sniffed at the suggestion that I should partake in an adulterated form of an ancient practice that had been culturally appropriated and turned into an excuse to wear expensive stretchy pants. "

12/31/2018 By Dianna Wray