Kids are resilient. Much like our city, they bounce back when they’ve been knocked down, and they’re not afraid to tell you what they think. From pediatric cancer patients finding a way to give back to pre-teens working to forge healthier lifestyles to Harvey survivors putting the pieces back together, this year’s revamped issue of the Kids’ Health Annual tells the stories of some of those children and Houston’s world-class hospitals that are helping them succeed.

Behind each great kid are stand-out parents committed to making life the best it can be for their young ones. Here you can read the stories of those who’ve raised and are raising children with learning differences, another whose NICU experience led to a new career, and more—while also gaining practical advice from parents, pediatricians, and experts on some of the timeliest issues facing kids of today.  

From our Houstonia family to yours, we’re proud to present the 2018 Kids’ Health Annual.

In This Feature:

Editor's Note: From Our Houstonia Family to Yours...

We’re proud to present the 2018 Kids’ Health Annual.

08/03/2018 By Laura Furr Mericas

This Popular Technique Eases Newborns from Womb to World

A mother and doctor discuss the benefits of the growing post-birth practice of skin-to-skin for moms, dads, and babies alike.

08/03/2018 By Layne Lynch

Produce Rx: A Hospital and a Family's Fight Against Food Insecurity

How two questions are jump-starting healthier lifestyles for thousands of Houston kids and families.

08/03/2018 By Laura Furr Mericas

Is Your Smart Tech Leading to Smarter Kids?

How to ensure it's educational and not just entertainment.

08/03/2018 By Adam Castañeda

One Mom's Journey from Crisis to Calling in the NICU

“The only thing we could count on were surprises—some good, some bad."

08/03/2018 By Gwendolyn Zepeda

Teen Cancer Patients at MD Anderson Take on the Elephant in the Room With Comic Book Series

“It’s like you finally get to don the superhero’s true identity. You don’t have to be brave, or tough, or strong, or anything. You just get to be.”

08/03/2018 By Jeff Balke

Help for Young Harvey Survivors at Texas Children's Hospital

“It has uncovered a huge need for kids in Houston."

08/03/2018 By Laura Furr Mericas and Gwendolyn Zepeda

What Parents Need to Know About Their Teens and Opiods

Dr. Elisha Peterson, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Texas Children’s Hospital, breaks it down.

08/03/2018 By Jeff Balke

How to Tell the Difference Between Your Child's Natural Nerves and Serious Stress

The stressors and signs to look out for, by age group.

08/03/2018 By Adam Castañeda