Home is where the heart is, as the trite saying goes, but it’s also where we’ve all been hanging out for more than a year now thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. For some this has been a time to really appreciate the living space they’ve created over the years, from that splurge on bathroom remodeling to the fact that they had the wisdom to choose a ’hood with plenty of greenspace (a key factor when daily runs and walks have truly become clutch). 

But not everyone has been so lucky, and the importance of a well-appointed home setup has translated to a Houston housing market that has continued to move at a brisk pace even as the coronavirus has hit so many other aspects of the H-Town economy with all the subtlety of Godzilla tap-dancing down Westheimer.

And for those who have scoured the market and still been unable to find what they’re looking for? Well, that’s where custom builders come in. Whether you’ve decided to renovate your current abode or to claim your plot of land and build the homestead of your dreams, these pros have got you covered.

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