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The Flora Culture Shop Spills The Secret To Becoming The Best Plant Parent

Co-Owner Jemine Oaks shares with Houstonia, the best low-maintenance plants to start your plant journey.

By Danielle Wright

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One of the best ways to add fresh decor to your space is by bringing in plants. From big leaves to small pots, becoming a plant parent is on trend.

While embarking on your plant journey and searching for a decorative pot may be exciting, maintaining your seedlings may be difficult. According to Jemine Oaks of Houston’s The Flora Culture, there’s three simple elements first time planters should know. 

“First time planters will want to consider the type of plant, how easy it is and your lifestyle,” Oaks tells Houstonia. “Meaning, do you have time to dedicate to that plant? and then sunlight, which is a big one. If your apartment is in a little closet, that’s something to consider. All of this will determine the kinds of plants that you can take care of.”

Whether you’re living in a house or in an apartment, there are many ways and places to gain your green thumb. However, there are many differences from indoor and outdoor plants, one of which is being very strategic on lighting. 

“Planters have to be even more cautious with lighting. However, a big plus is that inside, you're not dealing with the change in seasons as much, such as freezing temperatures or really hot summers because the house is usually between 68 to 73 degrees,” says Oaks. “The beauty of indoor plants is you can use them to style and design your interiors.”

One of the biggest downfalls of first-time plant owners is watering, which may lead to depletion of their plant life. For those who are forgetful waterers, according to Oaks, there’s still a wide selection of plants that don’t require much watering. 

“I'm a mom of three, so I forget because I have three kids to feed and chase around, so I do a plant that's called Sansevieria,” Oaks explains. “I don't select a lot of needy plants which are the kind of plants that if I don't water in seven days, they're dead. I need a lot of forgiveness, so I personally pick plants that are a little bit more resilient in regards to watering. However, for other plans, I would probably consider using a timer, calendar notes to remind you, or moisture meters, which you can stick into the soil to make sure if it’s dry or needs watering.”

Becoming a plant parent takes intricate timing and never-ending knowledge. Oaks encourages to keep trying despite any fears or failures of the infamous "black thumb," the opposition of the "green thumb" acquired by plant owners who fail to upkeep their plant. 

“There's a lot of misconceptions about things like, ‘I have a black thumb because I killed a cactus or succulent.’ It's very easy to kill those, so that's really an unfair conclusion because it happens all the time. If you pick a hard plan, you’ll kill it,” says Oaks. “Stop holding all plants to this idea that they're all the same because they're really not. They're all very different. The whole idea of a black thumb that I would say is a really big misconception because I just think first time planters need the knowledge on how to take care of plants.” 

Scroll ahead and begin your plant journey with 10 low-maintenance plants recommended by Jemine Oaks.

Sansevieria "Snake Plant" Local


"The Sansevieria is one of the most popular house plants and practically indestructible. It requires low to bright indirect sunlight and needs to be completely dry in between waterings."

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ZZ Plant Local


"Another incredibly easy houseplant is the ZZ Plant. This succulent requires very low light and is drought tolerant, which is perfect for forgetful waterers."

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Pothos "Marble Queen" Local


"One of the easiest hanging plant is a Pothos. Nicknamed the "Marble Queen" this plant grows well in low or bright sunlight and needs it's soil 50% dry between waterings."

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Ficus Elastica Local


"The Ficus Elastica is great for bright, intense sunlight and can grow inside or outside. Similar to Sanevieria, this ficus needs its soil completely dry before watering."

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Variegated Peace Lily Local


"A fun low light plant that blooms beautiful white flowers is the Variegated Peace Lily. Unlike the rest of the list, this plant requires its soil to be evenly moist year round."

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Fern Rabbit's Foot Local


"Ferns love lots of humidity which makes them great for bathrooms, especially with a window that provides lots of sunlight. They're also non-toxic to animals and pet safe in comparison with other plants on the list." 

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Hoya Carnosa Local


"Hoya's are great for indoor or outdoor use since they come in a large variety of leave shapes and colorations. They're also another great option for pet owners since it doesn't contain any toxicity."

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