Choosing where to live in the Bayou City has never been a walk in the park. With a vast number of neighborhoods, school districts, architectural styles, amenities—you name it—it’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of decisions buyers (and renters!) have to make when looking for their perfect abode. And now, in this brave, new, post-Harvey world, there are even more pressing questions to consider.

Houstonia is here to help. Within, you’ll find our list of the 10 hottest neighborhoods right now in the greater Houston area (selected partly because they’re awesome, and partly because they by and large avoided the worst of the flooding), plus expert opinions on where the local market’s headed, the important questions every homebuyer should ask before making that down payment, and the most enviable amenities in all the metroplex. Because, yes, we want to stay dry, but that’s not all Houstonians want in our homes. Far from it…

Image: Troy Fields

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