Home is where our story begins—albeit someone else’s. In our search to identify 10 of Houston’s best neighborhoods, we’ve landed on 10 of Houston’s best houses, and what follows is perhaps the last form of acceptable voyeurism. Whether a 20-car garage, 60,000-gallon pool, Moroccan-tiled bathroom, or Calacatta marble island is within reach is beside the point, so long as you can appreciate it.

Not every property in these pages carries a multimillion-dollar price tag. Sometimes dream homes are the fanciest houses in the fanciest neighborhoods, sure (we’re looking at you, glass-walled showpiece of River Oaks); sometimes they’re just…cool. We lust after eccentric wallpaper and interesting lawn art as much as two-story, double-walled fireplaces and palatial vaulted ceilings.

Sticker (or square-footage) shock aside, these 10 homes are, in their own ways, monuments to Houston’s finest neighborhoods. Some are inhabited; some are on the market; together, they make a striking collage of this sprawling, disparate, wonderful city of contrasts we collectively call home.

And if you’ve got a house you love, in a place you do, too? Well, you’re already living the dream.

In This Feature:

A Sweet Retreat in Sugar Land

This English Tudor home marches to the beat of its own drum.

03/25/2019 By Gwendolyn Knapp

In Rivercrest, Home Is Where the Peacocks Are

This contemporary “smart house” has, well, everything.

03/25/2019 By Dianna Wray

In the Heights, a Transformed House, Equal Parts Charming and Funky

One of the few mission-style homes in the historic neighborhood, this renovated Heights abode stands out for more than one reason.

03/25/2019 By Laura Furr Mericas

A Historic River Oaks Palace, Right on Buffalo Bayou

We hope whoever buys this house is someone who appreciates that it is steeped in Houston history.

03/25/2019 By Catherine Matusow

This Woodlands Home Is Fit for a King

A palatial oasis tucked away from prying eyes

03/25/2019 By Abby Ledoux

A Modern Oasis That Brings the Outside Inside in the GOOF

Scaled for the kids and the neighborhood, this AIA-honored home stands out and fits in all at once.

03/25/2019 By Laura Furr Mericas

This French Country-Chic Memorial Abode Is Both Stylish and Cozy

The patio home scales back on effort, but not luxury.

03/25/2019 By Abby Ledoux

An Elegant Home on a Hill—Yes, Even In Houston—In Crestwood

You can kayak down Buffalo Bayou from this home's backyard.

03/25/2019 By Morgan Kinney

This Comfortable Boulevard Oaks Home Has an Inner Diva

And it's within walking distance of numerous museums and Hermann Park.

03/25/2019 By Gwendolyn Knapp

Neighborhoods by the Numbers 2019

Compare commute times, public school enrollment, home prices, and more.

03/25/2019 By Laura Furr Mericas