Few are immune from the fantasy: a literal home away from home, one that’s all yours, far from daily life, yet containing your own bed and dishware, a place where you and your family and friends can return year after year, making memories and savoring life.

What does the place look like? That, of course, depends on you, and whether your version of paradise features, say, an early-morning coffee savored on a country porch; a margarita on a deck with an ocean view; a hot toddy on a dramatic mountainside; or a tall iced tea, sipped poolside at the country club. And hey, maybe there’s no beverage at all! This is, after all, your dream.

Houstonians continue to get into the second-home game—around town and across the world—investing in properties with plans to vacation, retire, and even, yes, turn a profit. And they’re not all wildly wealthy, either. Think you might be ready for seconds? We’ve consulted the experts to help break the practicalities down, and, for inspiration, discovered some true Texas gems while asking Houstonians what their second homes mean to themRead on for everything you ever wanted to know—just don’t call us when it’s time to mow the grass.

In This Feature:

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Second Home

Everything from "can I afford this" to "do I vibe with the neighbors?"

05/24/2019 By Abby Ledoux and Laura Furr Mericas

Where Should You Buy Your Second Home?

From outdoorsy enclaves to beach-front views, there's a second home market in Texas for any getaway.

05/24/2019 By Abby Ledoux