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Spring Cleaning in Houston Should Be Fun

A guide to deep cleaning your space and the often-overlooked spots in your home.

By Danielle Wright Published in the Spring 2022 issue of Houstonia Magazine

The best way to refresh is to start over with a clean space. With spring in full effect, your home may be due for a deep cleaning. Between the holiday rush, January slump and entertaining the kids on winter break, tending to the house was probably overlooked. 

Think of each room as a challenging level in a video game. Start off easy with the bedroom. The first step in tackling a messy room is to remove any trash that’s been fermenting for a few weeks such as take-out, a growing collection of water bottles and dirty clothes. There will be more room to deep clean your space once all of that is out of the way. Marquitta Cole, owner of Elite Clean Source, advises changing sheets every three days to at most once a week. “For those who work a lot and sweat or come home more tired than most, it’s important to clean and swap those sheets out from nasty germs and just to keep the bedroom spotless.” 

However, one spot Cole says tends to be overlooked are windows. “When it comes to windows and windowsills, just take a Swiffer sweeper,” Cole tells Houstonia.  “They’re so simple, disposable and easy to keep tucked away.” 

With furniture taking up most of our areas, tidying up the living room is simple. “There are two mini areas that need extra attention and are often overlooked. “The corners and the high ceiling fans,” says Erma Earvote, owner of Detail Cleaning Services. “A lot of times, we don’t see them because they’re not at eye level and that’s where the microfiber comes in handy,” she tells Houstonia. A vacuum and microfiber cloth are what Earvote calls the most useful cleaning tools. 

Another cleaning obstacle some might face is keeping kids’ toys from sprawling across the living room floor. “The best way that we advise our clients to do is to clean up as you go. If they’re preschoolers or 6 and up, make it fun. Get them involved in cleaning up. It’s better to dedicate a couple minutes every day than a couple of hours,” she recommends.  

And, don’t forget the kitchen. 

The secret to a sparkling and immaculate kitchen are essentials that you already have, Dawn Dish Soap and an SOS pad. “Dawn Dish Soap is awesome. You can use it on any surface, including wood. It’s quick too; all you do is spray, wipe and go. One of the main spots in the house that goes overlooked is the stove and that paired with an SOS pad will easily, and quickly, clean the stove,” Earvote says. 

Another place that tends to be ignored ironically is one of the biggest household appliances, the fridge. “People sometimes leave moldy food in there. Be sure to check and dump out expired food at least once a month, then proceed to sanitize the inside, including shelves, drawers and doors.”

The final level in winning an orderly space is the bathroom. While many people have their own bathroom cleaning routine, the best routine is shower, sink, toilet and floors. “Clean the shower by spraying some cleaner and let it sit, depending on the instructions of the cleaner. While that’s sitting, begin cleaning the sink and then toilets. Don’t forget to clean behind the toilets and any window sills for maximum sanitation,” Earvote includes. “The last thing you want to do is mop the floors or, if you have any rugs, they can go in the washer and then rinse off the shower.” To clean hard water spots on shower doors, the best tool to maintain is a squeegee. The affordable and handy tool comes in handy when cleaning the bathroom. 

Deep cleaning your home may be tedious, but the rewarding moment of lighting a candle and taking a proud sigh of accomplishment is a feeling like no other. But since busy schedules may conflict with DIY cleaning, Houstonia rounded up the city’s top cleaning services. Each company is available to cover from central Houston to select surrounding areas, ensuring that your space is spotless and tidy all 2022. 

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