Houston is one of the best places to live after college, according to a new report. 

Image: Bonnie Faber

Out of the top 100 successful universities in America, Houston ranked in the top 50 for best towns to live in after graduation, according to a recent study created by real estate trends, and news website, Point2Homes

Houston was listed at No. 33 due to a multitude of factors; an increase in the number of businesses, population and income growth, home price increase, unemployment rate, and job openings.

Using sources from the United States Census Bureau; the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; the National Association of Realtors, and PropertyShark, Point2 analyzed 100 of the most successful universities in the nation and was able to attribute 15 factors across four main dimensions: human capital, housing, economic activity and earning power & equity.

According to the study, college towns must foster an ideal environment for ideas to develop and benefit the community at large. A successful university embodies top-notch courses and research opportunities to drive both the students’ success as well as the city’s. 

"Being able to find a job after college is just about as important as being confident that buying a home won’t be too far off in the future. And, although home price growth is a good indicator for a city’s increasing desirability, home price-to-income ratio is the more important metric," the report notes.  

The top 10 most dynamic American college towns included two universities in Texas with number one being the University of Texas at Austin and ranked at fifth, Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

To learn more about the ranking and methodology, visit Point2Homes.com.


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