Here’s 5 Tips on Safe Package Delivery This Holiday Season

Experts share how to keep your packages from being lost, damaged or stolen.

By Geneva Diaz December 6, 2021

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are turning to a more convenient way to shop for gifts–from the comfort of our couches and with a click of a button. Online Shopping has made crammed aisles and mile-long lines a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean it’s without any drawbacks. 

Home deliveries can seem hard to coordinate with more people heading back into the office and returning to a more “normal life." Packages delivered to your home run the risk of being opened by other family members in your household and ruining the surprise or even worse–being stolen or damaged if left on the porch for too long. 

Here are some top tips for safe package delivery this Christmas, provided by package storage experts at Bounce, a worldwide luggage storage company and app.

  1. Use a package receiving service 

Package receiving services provide a way to keep your gifts safe from theft, with signed-for services adding an extra level of security to shipments. They can also accept home deliveries and hold on to them until you’re ready to pick them up which protects parcels from weather damage, an important part during the wet and cold winter months. 

Package receiving services are also a good idea if you’re wanting to get Christmas gifts delivered secretly. Package delivery services like Bounce, can hold your items outside your house until a convenient collection time so that your surprises won’t be ruined.

“Our package receiving service offers a great alternative to home deliveries to prevent porch piracy and damaged Christmas gifts this holiday season. It also enables you to keep your presents a secret from those you live with, leaving the surprise till Christmas day,” Cody Candee, CEO and Founder of Bounce said.

Bounce also partners with local businesses across the city of Houston.

“No matter where your package comes from or who sent it, you can get it delivered safely and securely to the Bounce location you choose and collect when convenient to you,” Candee said. 

  1. Package locker systems 

 If you don’t want packages delivered to your door, another good solution is a package locker. 

Some package lockers are completely contact-free where you can arrange for the delivery driver to drop off a package inside a locker that’s convenient for you, then retrieve your package once delivery has been made. Please note that if you choose this option, you’ll have to be conscious of the business hours and when you decide to pick up your packages.

  1. Sign up for a Post Office box  

A PO Box operates in a similar way to a package locker, but is generally for both personal mail items and packages. A mail person drops your items into a box and locks it up for you. Like a package locker, once your package has been delivered, you can pick it up at a convenient time for you and in a contactless fashion.

Generally, a PO Box has better hours for you to pick up your stuff. However, it’s a good idea to check with your shipping company before using one, as some companies won’t deliver to a PO box and instead require a street address.


  1. Get your parcel delivered to a friend or family member 

 If you can’t find a package acceptance service convenient or close enough to you, your best option may be to see if a friend can receive your packages for you. If you know someone who still works remotely from home or has a more convenient schedule to receive home deliveries,  this can be the easiest way to receive packages. A friend will probably be more flexible about when you can pick your packages up and usually completely free! 

  1. Get your parcel delivered to the office  

If all else fails, see if you can have packages delivered to your workplace. This can be a very convenient solution if you spend the day at work and can save you from having to make a special trip. Of course, this all depends on the workplace as not every business will allow its employees to receive packages to the office due to space and safety concerns.

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