Fine, maybe it’s the schools and the home prices that draw eight out of ten Newstonians to choose life outside the Beltway. But that’s far from all the areas surrounding the city have to offer.

In recent years, the suburbs have become destinations in their own right, drawing even the staunchest inner loopers away from their usual haunts to explore our region’s other centers of activity, each with its own opportunities for recreation, culture, shopping, dining and family fun. As for those of you who haven’t been to Katy, Clear Lake, The Woodlands, Sugar Land or Pearland lately—trust us, they’re worth the trip.

In This Feature:

Best of the Burbs: Welcome to Katy

Did you know Katy has one of the nation’s only velodromes?

05/31/2016 By Ellie Sharp

Best of the Burbs: Greetings from Clear Lake

The area is home to Armand Bayou Nature Center, one of the largest urban wildlife refuges in the U.S.

05/31/2016 By Andrea Park

Best of the Burbs: Explore The Woodlands

Where a very different kind of big game hunting awaits...

05/31/2016 By Roxanna Asgarian

Best of the Burbs: Visit Pearland

Relive the retro roller rink days of your youth.

05/31/2016 By Marianella Orlando

Best of the Burbs: Come Out to Sugar Land

Take in America’s favorite pastime at the Goldilocks of ballparks.

05/31/2016 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen