The city’s top preschools report an avalanche of applications pouring in—sometimes hundreds for a dozen spots—and waiting lists that extend for years. What is this, Manhattan? We talked to parents, preschool administrators, and experts to find out just how crazy things have gotten, along the way discovering loads of great info on some of the city’s best programs for the pre-K set. Oh, and don’t miss our handy chart comparing more than a hundred of them, complete with stats on tuition, program approaches, and more. 

In This Feature:

Preschool Confidential

Finger painting’s nice, but will it get you into Harvard?

11/03/2014 By Peter Holley

Preschools’ Educational Philosophies: a Guide

Learn the difference between Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf schools of thought

11/03/2014 By Catherine Matusow and Katharine Shilcutt

When It Comes to Early Education, B is for Bilingual

The best time to tackle a second language is before the age of six—hence the growth of immersive language programs at schools across the city.

11/03/2014 By John Lomax

Is Your Child Really Ready for Preschool?

Before you answer, assess your child’s development in four key areas.

11/03/2014 By John Lomax

Chart: Houston’s Best Preschools, Compared

Presenting 126 of Houston’s best preschools, organized by tuition, student-teacher ratio, educational approach, and more.

11/03/2014 By Houstonia Staff