It goes without saying that things have changed a lot since our day—and we aren’t just talking about iPads in classrooms. High school in Houston now means Skype sessions with private tutors between classes on everything from sports marketing to building Art Cars, and the changing nature of public schools now means that a non-traditional local magnet school is considered the best in the entire state of Texas. Within these pages, you’ll find the city’s best public and private institutions, ranked, plus a day in the extraordinary life of that No. 1 high school, how HISD is turning around drop-out statistics, and much more.

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The No. 1 Public High School in Texas Is in Houston

DeBakey turns out math and science whiz kids who head to top colleges. But with high expectations comes high pressure.

09/19/2016 By Roxanna Asgarian

Making the Grade: HISD and Graduation Rates

The district continues to lag Texas, but progress has been made.

09/19/2016 By Roxanna Asgarian

Today’s High School Classes Are as Unique as Your Child

Classes in video editing and marine science are only offered in college, right? Not so fast.

09/19/2016 By Roxanna Asgarian

Dream Catcher: Meet the Man Who Helps Students—and Their Parents—Achieve Success

Local expert Ibrahim Firat on choosing the right school, tutoring over Skype, and why your teenager should be on LinkedIn.

09/19/2016 By Roxanna Asgarian

Straight-A Schools: How Children at Risk Compiles Its Yearly Rankings

Dr. Bob Sanborn discusses how Children at Risk uses data to push for better inner city schools.

09/18/2016 By Roxanna Asgarian

The Best Houston-Area Public High Schools

Children at Risk ranked the top schools in Texas—and these Houston high schools got straight A's.


The Best Houston-Area Private High Schools in 2017

There are hundreds of private schools in the greater Houston metro area; these are the cream of the crop.