Are you looking to improve your financial health in 2019? There are ways to live smarter in Houston that don’t (necessarily) entail giving up your lattes or avocado toast. How do we know this to be true? For this issue, the Houstonia team got the lay of the city’s financial land, consulting the experts to bring you this, our guide to living well—and within our means—throughout the year ahead.

In This Feature:

Is Houston Still a Cheap Place to Live?

Houston has always had a reputation of being a super-affordable city—but is it outgrowing that image?

12/31/2018 By Dianna Wray

5 Houstonians With Cool (and Profitable) Side Hustles

Every day they're hustling. (Literally.)

12/31/2018 By Laura Furr Mericas

One Woman's (Failed) Quest to Follow a Budget for a Week

We'll give her an A for effort (and creativity).

12/31/2018 By Abby Ledoux