Election 2022

The State of Texas: Results of the Midterm Elections

Find out who won in Harris County and Texas for this year’s midterm election.

By Shelby Stewart

November 8 marked Election Day for the 2022 midterms in Texas, and Harris County voters showed up to cast their ballots. Voter turnout appeared to be down 100,000 at the close of early voting; however, thousands of Houstonians showed up to the polls on Election Day. What's the current status of the races? Let's go through it.

First off, the midterms are crucial for the nation, as many integral seats are up for election. Political positions such as governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, land, road, agriculture commissioners, and U.S. House seats were a few significant races on the ballot. The ticket also included votes for the Texas Supreme Court, the Texas Board of Education, district judges, the Texas State senate, and the house. On the county level, the seat for Harris County judge, currently occupied by Lina Hidalgo was also on the ballot, and she faced a republican challenger. 

All 435 U.S. House seats are up for election, and the Republican party only needs five seats to shift to gain control. The Democrats currently hold 220 seats, while the Republicans hold 212. 

This year, the road to the polls included landmark races and legislation that would set the tone for the political future of the Lone Star State. Hot-button measures involving gun reform (following the Uvalde shooting), abortion rights, and the measures raised because of the 2021 winter storm were some of the most controversial issues heading into the midterms. With the polls closed and the mail-in ballots accounted for, the election results are in:

Who Won the Race For Harris County Judge?

Perhaps the most interesting race in Harris County was the bid for Harris County Judge. Judge Lina Hidalgo aimed for reelection for her second term as Harris County Judge. She faced Alexandra del Moral Mealer as the G.O.P. challenger, who almost snagged the race with 415,235 votes—Hidalgo received 430,629. 

All the positions on the ballot for Harris County (district clerk, clerk, county treasurer, school trustees, and commissioners) were won by Democratic candidates. Democrats will expand their reach on the Commissioners Court, winning the races for Precinct 2 and 4 Commissioners, with Lesley Briones narrowly unseating Republican Jack Cagle by 3.3 points. 

Who Won the Race For Governor of Texas?

Texas has been a historically Republican state and has been in G.O.P. power since 1990. Though four candidates were competing for the governor’s seat in the midterm election, Beto O’Rourke was the top challenger against incumbent Governor Greg Abbott. Despite a well-executed campaign, Abbott secured his third term, receiving 4,427,802 votes (55 percent), and O’Rourke received 3,534,769 (44 percent). 

Who Won the Race for Lieutenant Governor?

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick beat his democratic challenger Mike Collier in 2018 by less than five percent. For this election, Collier rechallenged Patrick, who was also up against Libertarian candidate Shanna Steele. Patrick won with 4,305,731 votes. 

Who Won the Race for Attorney General?

Though Attorney General Ken Paxton ran as an incumbent, according to the Houston Chronicle, Paxton is regarded as the “most vulnerable Republican” running in the entire state. Paxton was under fire in recent years for his felony securities fraud indictment and corruption allegations. In the A.G. race, Paxton faced, Democratic candidate Rochelle Garza and Mike Ash, representative of the Libertarian party. Paxton won his race with 4,305,731 votes. 

Other Statewide Races

Positions for the Texas land, railroad, and agriculture commissioners were all won by republican candidates Dawn Buckingham, Sid Miller, and Wayne Christian, respectively. 

Incumbent Republican candidate Glenn Hagar won the election for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. 

Find full Texas election results here. 

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