If ever there were a year of the pet, it had to be 2020 (and 2021, too, if we’re honest), a time we relied on our soft, fuzzy, kind of stinky, crazy, cuddly (perhaps even scaly, slithery, and slimy), always-loving pals to get us through some strange days indeed. As the pandemic has unfolded, some of us loved on the best buddies we already had, while others sought out new furry, feathered, or cold-blooded friends, leading Houston-area animal shelters to report record-number adoption rates.

Since they’ve helped us remain somewhat calm during such challenging times, now it’s time to give a little back in return—belly rubs, treats, and head pats, of course—but more than that. Let’s dig a little deeper (not under the fence, Fido!) to repay our pets by providing them with good times, great treats, and posh digs, along with tips on helping you both not just survive, but thrive, in this new normal.

In this guide to pampering your pals, you’ll find wellness tips for you and your fur babies, the best pet services in Houston you need to know about right now, plus stories to warm your heart and more—caution: cuteness overload ahead!

So here’s to all the H-Town pets out there. Let’s keep them well loved in 2021.

In This Feature:

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For some, WFH is here to stay, so we talked to an expert dog trainer about what to do when your pup has the Zoom zoomies.

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Q&A: How to Prepare Your Pet When You Head Back to Work

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18 Houston Pet Services and Activities That Are Squad Goals

Pet shops, parks, hotels, groomers, and other hot spots that are simply the best for treating your pet—and yourself—right.

05/14/2021 By Gwendolyn Knapp, Laura Furr Mericas, and Kaitlyn Miller

9 Animal Shelters and Charities You Can Support in Houston

Help out dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, mini pigs, and more.

05/13/2021 By Gwendolyn Knapp

Our Favorite Products to Pamper Your Pets in Houston

You aren’t the only one who may be overdue for a digs upgrade, post-2020. These stylish additions will keep everyone in the family happy at home.

05/19/2021 By Gwendolyn Knapp

How Our Pets Saved Us during the Pandemic

The Houstonia staff reflects on how our furry (and feathered) friends helped us through working from home.

05/20/2021 By Houstonia Staff