Made in Houston

Cuteheads Debuts Christmas-Card-Worthy Dresses

Things that make you go "Squeeeee!"

11/12/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Women’s Fashion

Elements of Style: E is for Extra Effort

Mandy Trichell talks style, weight loss, and shopping for your shape when your shape is fluid.

11/03/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

A Chic Effect

High Fashion Meets High-Powered Careers

Houston's newest fashion blogger wants to help you look good at work.

10/27/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

What to Wear Now

Fall Style: Burgundy and Bare Ankles

Quick—get some fall clothes before the weather notices.

10/15/2014 By Sarah Gabbart


A Southern Gothic Halloween at Sparrow and The Nest

Get over to one of Houston’s quirkiest shops for some stellar Halloween finds.

10/03/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Elements of Style

Always Judge a Dude by His Duds

The owner of Manready Mercantile chats about his aesthetic, shopping local, and which Joneses are worth keeping up with.

09/30/2014 Photography by Sarah Gabbart


Capsule Chic

Maybe you don’t need all those “options.”

09/24/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

On The Town

This Weekend: Houston Vintage

Revisit the past at Houston’s festival for bygone clothing, accessories and more.

09/17/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Elements of Style

CEO Chic

Mandy Kao on her love of fashion, and turtles.

09/02/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

H-Town How To

Time to Transition: Again.

Haute items for hot weather.

08/29/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Fall Trends

Studio Saint Cloud

The Rice Village boutique shows 1970s-inspired luxury for pre-fall.

08/25/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Summer Style

Styling the Shirtdress

A simple solution for a garment that’s as lovely as it is lazy.

08/13/2014 By Sarah Gabbart


Back in the Saddle

Full Gallop, a one-woman show starring Sally Edmundson as legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland, trots back to Stages.

08/11/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

H-Town How To

European Style to Steal

You don’t need a plane ticket to take a sartorial adventure.

08/08/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Elements of Style

Elements of Style: Heather Petrey, Free Bird

The Lone Star Vintage owner is a fashionable flash of local color.

08/03/2014 Photography by Felix Sanchez By Sarah Gabbart

H-Town How-To

Runway to Real Life: Resort Wear 2014

Resort wear is having a moment, and Houstonians should rejoice.

07/10/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Elements of Style

A Collector of Clothing Asks, Why Not?

Interior designer Lucinda Loya approaches fashion with fearless experimentation.

07/07/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

Bling Bling

Meet the Designer: Zayver Jewels

A PhD schools us in the art of contrasts and fine jewelry.

07/01/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

H-Town How-Not-To

The Art of Carry-On Packing

Five lessons learned the hard way.

06/17/2014 By Sarah Gabbart

I Do

Wedding Wear Decoded

Sure, it's her big day. But what will you wear?

06/02/2014 By Sarah Gabbart