Stephanie grew up in Houston and graduated from college with a journalism and marketing degree. After college, she headed to the Big Apple where she worked in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi as well as Hearst Publishing. A return to Houston saw her working for the Houston Rockets. One NBA championship ring later, she headed back to NYC for another sports gig, this time with the NFL (Go Texans!) and a trip to the Super Bowl. Following that she began her longest tenure (so far!) with The New York Times where she developed brand marketing campaigns both in New York and across the country. Now back in Houston following a spell living overseas, collecting a British husband, boy/girl twins, and two little white dogs, Stephanie is excited to be a part of the Houstonia team. She has been an avid reader since magazine's launch and has saved every issue ever published. In her spare time, which is limited due to the aforementioned kids, dogs, husband and work, there is really only time for critical things like sparkling rosé and a great magazine to read (what else but Houstonia?)—and of course spending time with that aforementioned bunch.