Corner Table owners Darla Lexington and Michelle Coopwood opened their doors for the 6th Annual Houston Sweethearts Valentine's Day Celebration honoring the 2016 Houston Sweethearts. Anne Carl, Sylvia Forsythe, Kim Moody, Warner Roberts and Alicia Smith joined Deborah Duncan, host of KHOU's Great Day Houston, to introduce the Sweethearts, which included Penny Loyd, Mary Tere Perusquia, Anne Richardton, Kristina Somerville, Sheretta West and Carmina Zamorano.

With over 150 attendees, Corner Table was full of hearts and flowers. Jazz musician Andrew Batemen provided lively music, while champagne bubbled and guests delighted in crab cakes and tuna tartare. The day was full of love and and giving for the contributing efforts to the Mission of Yahweh Homeless shelter for women and children.

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