Fielding's Local is devoted to American-Mediterranean fare. At Fielding's Wood Grill, it's burgers. But when Fielding's Rooster opened at 4223 Research Forest Drive in the Woodlands, it was with a menu focused on just one ingredient. Not merely chicken, but specifically free-range, organic, rock Cornish chicken grown at Amish farms in Indiana for D'Artagnan. And no, they're not rock Cornish game hens—according to CEO and co-founder Cary Attar, the chickens used at the new restaurant are in the three-pound range.

Why chicken? "There was a niche to be filled in The Woodlands," Attar says. "Edel came up with chicken 10 different ways. It's a world of chicken."

Edel is executive chef Edelberto Gonçalves, whom Attar met when he was general manager at Central Market and Gonçalves was chef. They opened Hubbell & Hudson market together before breaking away to start the Fielding's brand with a third partner. Gonçalves was raised in France, but is of Portuguese extraction. This is important, because Portuguese chicken, cooked over burning wood, is famous worldwide as some of the most delicious rotisserie-style meats—just not yet in Houston.

"I love Portuguese churrasco chicken and it's always something I wanted to do," says Gonçalves. "I'm a chef and I try to educate myself and follow trends, but I know I'm not the first." But he is the first chef to focus on chicken in The Woodlands, let alone have a Portuguese-style wood rotisserie right at the entrance of his restaurant. Click through these photos to see what else Fielding's Rooster is cooking up.

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