We don't know about you, but last Sunday's Golden Globes felt, to us, at least a little bit reminiscent of last year's Women's March–a public display of sisterhood and girls supporting girls. Last January, we put the world (and, ahem, the White House) on notice: We're here, and we're not going anywhere. On Sunday night, we added two more words to the dialogue: Time's up.

That's the movement you've undoubtedly heard about, and we're here for it. Seeing activists walk the red carpet, getting goosebumps from Oprah's speech, and basking in Natalie Portman's shade (yas, queen) warmed our hearts and reinvigorated our commitment to the cause of raising each other up. If you, too, are about proclaiming your membership in the resistance—or just celebrating feminine power—these picks are for you, sister.

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