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Best CBD for Sleep in 2022: Top 7 Picks for a Good Night’s Rest

Almost 70 million Americans are impacted by insomnia every year.

Presented by Originated Media August 3, 2022

Almost 70 million Americans are impacted by insomnia every year. On top of that staggering figure, there are even more people of every age who struggle to get a full night of sleep. CBD is a powerful natural solution to sleep woes, and it’s an excellent alternative to over-the-counter sleep aids and medications that can have as many side effects as they do benefits. 

With countless CBD products on the market, ranging from gummies to oils, it’s hard to find the best of the bunch and determine which companies are reputable. We’ve tested and tried dozens of CBD oil for sleep products, so you don’t have to. Our criteria for this exclusive list included third-party test results, research, cannabinoid content, consumer reviews, and efficacy. If you’re ready to only use the best CBD products, look no further.

Best CBD for Sleep: Our Top 7 Choices

  1. CBDfx - Editor’s Choice: Best CBD for Sleep Products
  2. CBDistillery - Close Second: CBD For Sleep Synergy
  3. Receptra Naturals - Runner-Up: Best for Seniors
  4. Sunday Scaries - Worthy Mention: Great Sleep Oil
  5. Green Roads - All-Rounder: Versatile CBD Products

Best CBD for Sleep and a Good Night’s Rest

1. CBDfx: Editor’s Choice - Best CBD for Sleep Products

Just like everyone has a different preference for over-the-counter medication, everyone has a unique preference for CBD. CBDfx knows that, and this company has dedicated itself to providing the most comprehensive range of high-quality CBD products on the internet. CBDfx offers gummies, full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil options, CBD oil tinctures, CBD creams and balms, vape juice and pens, drinks, and even CBD edibles. 

Because CBDfx cares about the sleep hygiene of their clients, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. With over 43,700 5-star reviews from real customers and third-party test results available, they make it easy to trust the high-quality products they provide. Unlike some companies that manufacture products with only CBD, CBDfx uses proprietary blends of CBD, CBN, and THC to get the best results.

a.) CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules for Sleep

These capsules are an exceptional way to relax at the end of a long day. Each serving is packed with 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 2.5 mg of CBN. Beyond cannabinoids, these capsules also contain GABA, organic valerian root, and magnesium to promote restful sleep. Each capsule is gluten-free, vegan, and medically reviewed for efficacy. 

The convenient capsule form lets you take them directly before bed without brushing your teeth, unlike gummies, and the combination of CBD and CBN provides maximum impact. These are our Editor’s Choice Best CBD for Sleep thanks to the quality of the product, the USA-based manufacturing, and the industry-leading 60-day money-back guarantee. 


  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Third-party verified potency
  • 100% organic, pesticide-free CBD oil for sleep


  • There is only one strength available currently

Customers Are Talking About CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules for Sleep

CBDFX has made a name for itself in providing affordable, high-quality CBD products, and the CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules for Sleep are no different. Reviewers specifically mention that these capsules provide a full night of sleep without grogginess. Many reviewers who have suffered from insomnia and other sleep disorders in the past also claim that these capsules help them fall asleep faster than other over-the-counter alternatives.

b.) CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep

The CBD industry is constantly growing, and that means that there are more options than ever before. Unfortunately, it also means that some of the companies claiming to have the best CBD are not backing up their promises. CBDfx is not one of those CBD brands - they are different, as they care about providing only the purest, most effective products on the market.  

CBDfx is a hub for virtually any CBD product you can imagine, including gummies in delicious flavors like berry and lemon drop, capsules, oil tinctures, topical creams, edibles, vapes, and pet products. If you want to reap the full benefits of CBD backed by third-party testing and great customer service, CBDfx is a perfect choice. 


CBDfx CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep are as effective as they are delicious, and they contain 50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in addition to 5 mg of relaxing melatonin, magnesium, passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile. Thanks to their careful distillation methods, every CBDfx gummy also contains a unique blend of terpenes known to increase feelings of relaxation and help regulate your sleep cycles. 

While the base gummies are unflavored and natural-tasting, there are other options that contain different strains of CBD and THC in addition to fun flavors, including berry, lemon balm, melon, and more. Do you have dietary restrictions? You can enjoy these with ease, as they are gluten-free, vegan, and natural. 

Customers Are Talking About CBDfx CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep

Customers love these CBD gummies because of the proprietary blend of natural, relaxing ingredients. Additionally, many customers find that these gummies work better than over-the-counter and pharmaceutical alternatives.

c.) CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture - Best CBD Oil for Sleep

CBDfx is a leader in CBD innovation, and they offer a comprehensive range of products with broad-spectrum CBD, CBN, melatonin, and their proprietary sleep terpene blend. CBDfx cares about your health and wellness, which is why all products are created in cGMP manufacturing facilities, third-party laboratory tested, and backed by their 60-day money-back guarantee.

Every CBDfx product comes with a unique QR code that you can scan to see detailed test results before you ingest it. Depending on your preferred strain of cannabinoid, you can purchase CBDfx products that include full-spectrum CBD, THC, CBD isolate, CBN, and more. If you have a favorite consumption method, CBDfx also has you covered with delicious gummies, bath bombs, pet treats, topical gels, drinks, oils, and more. 


The CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture goes beyond just high-quality CBD oil and integrates other natural compounds and chemicals to decrease anxiety levels, increase relaxation, and ensure a wonderful night of sleep. Because CBDfx uses a proprietary blend of sleep-friendly terpenes, there is nothing else quite like it. This CBD oil is gluten-free, vegan, and available in three different strengths depending on your tolerance. 

Customers Are Talking About CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture

Many fans of CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture appreciate how quickly it induces sleep and keeps them asleep throughout the night. Some customers also love that it can be combined with other CBD oil products, like topical creams, for an even better night of rest. 

Learn more about what CBDfx.com Offers

2. CBDistillery: Close Second - CBD For Sleep Synergy

CBDistillery was founded on a vision of bringing high-quality CBD products to the world and sharing the versatility of CBN and CBD with as many people as possible. Its mission is to provide another path for better sleep, improved health, and more balanced living. Aside from producing some of the top CBD for sleep, CBDistillery offers a comprehensive range of products like CBD topical creams, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and even chocolate!

As the brand name implies, CBDistillery cares about the distilling and extraction process. They go above and beyond to preserve all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that have positive health impacts, and that starts with using the correct extraction and distillation method. Join the CBD Movement and try the CBD oil for sleep today. 


CBDistillery Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Oil is a unique tincture that marries CBD and CBN in a perfect ratio. This pure oil contains only full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, CBN, natural terpenes, and coconut oil to make it easy to ingest. Sleep Synergy Oil goes through rigorous third-party lab testing and is certified by the US Hemp Authority. 

By using full-spectrum CBD oil, you will receive all of the health benefits of cannabis without THC. While we’ve included the regular strength on our list, there is also an extra-strength version available for when you need something more. 


  • 30% discount and free shipping for starting a subscription
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Third-party laboratory testing
  • Over 38,000 five-star reviews
  • Non-GMO hemp oil


  • Does not contain other sleep-promoting compounds like melatonin

Customers Are Talking About CBDistillery Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Oil

Customers love CBDistillery Sleep Synergy CBD Sleep Oil because it helps them relax before bed to fall asleep faster. Additionally, once they fall asleep, it’s much easier to stay asleep or fall back asleep again if woken up. Customers also praise its efficacy over time, as it is not merely a quick fix. 

Learn more about what TheCBDistillery.com Offers

3. Receptra Naturals: Runner Up - Best for Seniors

Receptra Naturals is dedicated to sharing the benefits of Colorado-grown hemp with the world. From their organic hemp farm to the manufacturing plant, the first time that Receptra Naturals products leave the state of Colorado is when they are shipped to stores and clients around the country. They have a remarkable dedication to purity and quality, as all products that they sell are third-party tested and made from organic hemp. 

Receptra Naturals cares about matching every client to the right product for their unique situation, which is why they label them based on stress relief, pain relief, and insomnia relief. They offer a comprehensive range of products in delicious flavors like mountain strawberry and ginger peach, including gummies, topicals, capsules, oils, and pet treats. 


The Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Line is a top choice for CBD for sleep for seniors, as the full-spectrum CBD oil products are gentle, natural, and made from organic hemp. The products in the Serious Rest Line have a proprietary blend of MCT oil, CBD, chamomile, valerian root, and all-natural flavors like peppermint. If you want to reap the benefits of CBD without the side effects that come from over-the-counter products, Receptra Naturals is the perfect choice for you. 


  • Free US shipping
  • Product bundles available for a discount
  • Organic hemp grown in Colorado 
  • Third-party lab testing


  • Gummies and oils are only available in one strength

Customers Are Talking About Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Line

Customers are raving about the Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Line thanks to the delicious flavors and tastes, as well as how convenient the packaging is. Some customers specifically mention that Receptra Naturals products are great for travel and sleeping anywhere, which makes them perfect for seniors who love to travel. 

Learn more about what Receptra.com Offers

4. Sunday Scaries: Worthy Mention - Great Sleep Oil

Another one of the best CBD oils to promote healthy sleep quality hails from Sunday Scaries. This fun brand was founded to counteract the many anxieties and stresses we all experience as part of daily life. To fight back against worry and sleepless nights, the Sunday Scaries team wanted to share what worked the best for them—CBD oil. Instead of carrying a broad variety of products, they focus on making the best possible version of a few things, including CBD sleep oil. 

Beyond their CBD oil, Sunday Scaries also offers vegan CBD gummies in delicious flavors, CBD bath bombs, and variety packs so you can try multiple products at once. Every Sunday Scaries product has been third-party tested for potency, comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and is backed up by 24/7 customer service. 


Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil is one of our top choices thanks to the unique blend of broad-spectrum CBD oil, CBN, 5-GTP, GABA, valerian root, lemon balm, and L-theanine. By combining multiple natural ingredients that promote rest and relaxation, Big Spoon is an excellent way to promote restful sleep and stay asleep. 

For those who don’t like the potent taste or smell of cannabinoids, Big Sleep has a deliciously creamy vanilla flavor. Thanks to the yummy taste, you can place your dropperful into a warm drink as you get ready for bed or directly underneath your tongue. Each bottle has 1,000 mg of CBD inside, and you can adjust your perfect CBD oil dosage as necessary for sweet dreams. 


  • Same-day shipping
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Discounts for auto-delivery or buying multiple bottles at once
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 24/7 live customer service


  • Free shipping only on orders $69 or higher

Customers Are Talking About Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil

Big Spoon is beloved by reviewers because the creamy vanilla flavor is an alternative to potent CBD options. Customers also appreciate the many certifications that Sunday Scaries has obtained, including kosher certification, GMP certification, and API ingredient certification. It’s easy to get a great night of sleep when you know exactly what your supplements contain. 

Learn more about SundayScaries.com Offers

5. Green Roads: All-Rounder - Versatile CBD Products

Green Roads was founded on a commitment to pure, high-quality CBD products that you can trust. Instead of struggling to just make it to the end of the day only to wake up and do the same thing tomorrow, the Green Roads founders want to help everyone wake up refreshed and excited for the opportunities that a new day presents. All Green Roads products are pharmacist-formulated. 

Instead of offering only products, Green Roads provides well-rounded solutions based on your specific concerns. Their CBD gummies, topical creams, capsules, oils, and chocolates are sorted by what they’ll help you with, whether that’s healthier joints, lower stress levels, help with sleep disorders, or less arthritis pain. 


The Green Roads Help Me Sleep Line is considered one of the most comprehensive in the entire CBD industry. Each product, including the very popular Sweet Sleep CBD oil, has been crafted by a pharmacist and tailored to provide a good night’s sleep thanks to CBD, CBN, melatonin, and other natural compounds. The Help Me Sleep Line comes in a variety of delicious flavors, including sweet berry and blackberry. 

Each of the Help Me Sleep Line products comes in different strengths and blends so that you can find the perfect solution for your needs. Their CBD capsules are very popular CBD for sleep products. Not only do the pre-measured capsules make dosing and answering the eternal ‘how much CBD to take’ easy, you don’t even need to brush your teeth after you take them!


  • Pharmacist-formulated
  • Over 30,000 five-star reviews
  • American-grown hemp
  • Third-party lab tested 
  • Five-star customer support


  • There are no topical products in the Help Me Sleep Line

Customers Are Talking About Green Roads Help Me Sleep Line

Green Roads products are well-loved by buyers because of their versatility. Some customers mention that they use the products daily to ease insomnia symptoms, while others just take them on nights they have trouble relaxing. 

Learn more about GreenRoads.com Offers

How Did We Choose the Best CBD for Sleep?

There is no substitute for a good night of sleep, and millions of Americans could benefit from using a better, more natural sleep aid. We don’t take your trust in us lightly, so we took our time when evaluating the best CBD oil for sleep. Because CBD oil products do not have universal standards, doing research into distillation or extraction methods, testing, and other factors is even more important. The factors we considered included:

  • Oil quality
  • Customer reviews
  • Third-party testing
  • Effectiveness of the CBD product for sleep and insomnia
  • Brand mission

What to Consider When Buying CBD for Sleep

No two CBD products are exactly alike, and every brand has different processes and standards that impact the quality and efficacy of the finished product. What are some of the factors to consider when purchasing CBD for sleep?


High-quality CBD comes from high-quality hemp crops. Good manufacturers have information available on how their hemp is grown. Many companies use organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free crops so you don’t need to worry about taking in hazardous compounds and chemicals with your CBD oil or cream. 

Hemp that is grown in the USA is subject to high standards, so CBD products that are made in America can be purchased with confidence. All great businesses should have third-party test information available to you on their website so that you can see for yourself where the products are from and what they contain. 


What are you looking for in your CBD? Some products are pure CBD oil that is free from herbs and additives like melatonin. In other cases, you might want a well-rounded experience that combines multiple ingredients, CBD, and CBN to give you a great night of sleep. The best CBD product for you depends on what you need. 

Extraction Method 

CBD comes from hemp plants, and the harvest and distillation or extraction process can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. CO2 extraction is preferred by most consumers, as it does not require solvents or chemicals. Other methods include steam distillation, olive oil extraction, and solvent-based extraction. 

The Benefits of CBD as a Natural Sleep Aid

It’s frustrating to not get a good night of sleep, especially when it can impact your concentration, your productivity, your health, and your personal life. Many research studies have evaluated the strengths of CBD and terpenes. Some of the benefits of CBD to support a good night’s sleep as well as general health include:

  • Lower chronic pain levels 
  • Longer sleep that is not interrupted
  • Decreased anxiety 
  • Less frequent and severe insomnia

Because CBD for sleep products promote relaxation and often contain other sleep-friendly compounds like melatonin, it’s easier to get in bed and fall asleep without counting sheep. One study by NIH found that CBD has therapeutic potential for patients with insomnia, and authors also found that the lack of THC present in CBD products can strengthen its efficacy even more. 

How to Use CBD for Sleep

Including CBD in your bedtime routine can help you sleep longer and have a better night of rest. Because it is completely safe, CBD can be integrated with existing teas or relaxation tools that you already use before bed. If you are concerned about any conflicts with the prescription medication that you take, always consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement or product. 

Always read the instructions on your CBD product before taking the appropriate dosage. While some capsules and gummies that contain 10-25 mg of CBD will help with your sleep, you can take up to 1,500 mg of CBD safely per day.  If you have higher body fat or weight, expect to take more CBD than someone the same age at a lower weight. 

The best CBD oils can be dropped into a drink, swallowed, or placed under the tongue for sublingual absorption. CBD gummies are typically chewed and swallowed the same as you would candy. If you prefer taking CBD for sleep right before bed, capsules are your best option, as you don’t need to brush your teeth again after you take them—just swallow and relax. 

When to Take CBD for Sleep

Every CBD product for sleep works differently, and everybody processes the powerful terpenes, cannabidiol and other cannabinoids when present (such as in broad or full-spectrum CBD products) differently too. Most people take CBD oil for sleep, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules about 30-45 minutes before bed. If you take higher doses or are just starting out, you might notice effects faster. As you determine how long it takes you to feel drowsy, you should never take CBD for sleep before driving or operating machinery.

Are There CBD Side Effects?

CBD has been used safely for hundreds of years in different formats, and the 80+ types of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa hemp plants are even in prescription medications. Because CBD products are not formally regulated and approved by a single governing body, it’s important to only choose products from CBD brands with third-party testing results and reviews from real consumers like you. 

There are very few CBD side effects, especially compared with over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription medications. At higher doses, CBD can lead to drowsiness, dry mouth, and lower blood pressure. When considering how much CBD to take, it’s always best to start with a lower dose and work your way up. If you experience negative side effects, discontinue usage of the product.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD safe?

CBD products do not contain high levels of THC, which means that you can enjoy relaxation without the “high” feeling associated with THC. CBD oil and compounds are extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stems of hemp plants. Depending on your preference, you can consume CBD in a variety of formats including tinctures, gummies, and topical lotions. 

CBD is completely safe, but only if you purchase it from reputable brands that perform third-party lab testing. These test results are the only way to ensure that the products contain high-quality CBD and not additional compounds you don’t want to consume. If you are concerned about adding CBD to your bedtime routine, talk with your doctor. 

Can you use CBD in addition to your existing bedtime routine?

Absolutely. CBD is safe and non-pharmaceutical, and you can experience even better results by combining it with other techniques like exercising regularly, having herbal tea, and getting enough B vitamins. CBD is an excellent way to naturally promote sleep in addition to other sleep hygiene habits.  

When should you take CBD for sleep?

CBD has different effects on everyone depending on how they metabolize the compounds and their existing tolerance for CBD. If you are taking CBD products for sleep for the first time, start with a small dosage and monitor how long it takes you to feel a difference. Always read the dosage on the CBD for sleep you choose and try it multiple times before increasing the dosage. 

Consistency is key with all CBD products, so try to take them around the same time every night before bed. 

Are all CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD oils legal?

Yes! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, farms across the United States can grow industrial hemp plants used to create CBD oils, pure CBD isolate, and both full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD oils. As long as these plants contain less than 0.3% THC, they are viewed differently than THC-rich cannabis plants and are completely legal to grow and sell. 

What sleep problems can CBD help with?

CBD is growing in popularity, which has led to many new studies on how it can help promote health and well-being. One of the most noticeable effects of CBD is relaxation. Currently, research studies have found that CBD can assist in reversing the symptoms of numerous sleep problems, including REM sleep behavior disorder and insomnia. 

If you have a diagnosed medical condition that you want to treat with CBD, always speak with your healthcare provider. If you already take prescription sleep medication or use sleep aids like a CPAP machine, do not discontinue them in favor of CBD until you meet with a doctor. 

Will CBD lead to a positive drug test?

Today’s drug tests are designed to detect the presence of THC and other THC metabolites. While CBD does not contain elevated levels of THC, your body digests it in a similar fashion. If you are planning on taking a CBD product regularly and have regular drug tests at your workplace, it’s a good idea to talk to your employer. Additionally, you can avoid full-spectrum CBD and choose only products that contain 0.0% THC.

Will CBD oils make you feel high?

When taking CBD oil for sleep, you might be concerned that your restful night’s sleep will come at the expense of an unpleasant “high” feeling. In reality, CBD oils are natural sleep aids that come with no “high” or dissociative feeling. Providing you take the proper CBD oil dosage that does not contain THC, you will experience the non-psychoactive benefits of the cannabis plant.   

Choose a Top CBD for Sleep Product

If you are tired of tossing and turning at night and want a better way to relax, CBD for sleep products are perfect for you. Today’s CBD market might seem crowded, but there are many high-quality products available that will give you the shut-eye you’re looking for. In this informative guide, we’ve reviewed all of our favorite picks for CBD for sleep, and we think you’ll love any of our picks.

The CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules for Sleep took home our top prize and Editor’s Choice designation, but all of these products are high-quality, third-party tested options that give you the sleep you want. 

The CBD market is diverse and contains every product type imaginable, including everything from CBD isolate to proprietary terpene blends handcrafted with your sleep in mind. We hope that this guide helps you discover the perfect solution for you.