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Kratom for Sale in 2022 - Top 3 Providers With High Quality Strains

If you have an interest in natural and herbal health products, then you’ve probably seen a lot of kratom for sale recently.

Presented by Originated Media August 5, 2022

If you have an interest in natural and herbal health products, then you’ve probably seen a lot of kratom for sale recently. This natural substance is derived from a tropical tree native to Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

For years, people have used kratom for pain relief, relaxation, energy, and to help ease opiate withdrawal symptoms. Thanks in part to the Internet, kratom is now being sold and used more frequently around the world.

Where to Find Kratom For Sale

With so many different kratom vendors, though, how do you know which kratom products are the best to purchase? We read countless reviews, tried a variety of products, and prepared a list of the top 3 kratom brands readers like you.

  1. Super Speciosa – Editor’s Choice: Best Kratom
  2. Kingdom Kratom – Runner Up: Large Variety
  3. Top Extracts – Staff Pick: Innovative

If you buy from any of these three kratom brands, you can count on receiving a quality product. All three of these top kratom vendors source their kratom carefully, offer a variety of products, and stand behind their products with great guarantees and customer service. Choosing just three top kratom vendors was not easy, but we feel good about these recommendations. 

Reviews of Our 3 Best Kratom Providers

1. Super Speciosa – Editor’s Choice: Best Kratom

Super Speciosa opened in 2016. Since then, their mission has been to bring pure, unadulterated kratom products to customers in the U.S. They’ve spent years testing kratom leaves from different suppliers, honing their manufacturing processes, and implementing good regulatory practices. All of their kratom is third-party lab-tested for safety and purity.

Super Speciosa offers a wide variety of kratom for sale, including kratom powders, kratom capsules, tablets, and tea bags. Their kratom powder comes in several varieties. Try the Red Bali kratom powder, White Thai powder, or Green Malay powder. Kratom capsules are one of the easiest ways to use kratom, and Super Speciosa sells several different types including: White Thai kratom, Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da kratom. 


  • Huge variety of strains and products
  • Third-party lab tested
  • All products come in bottles or heat-sealed pouches
  • American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Vendor
  • Reasonably priced


  • Does not sell sample packs like some other vendors

What Do Reviewers Say?

Reviewers are as ecstatic as we are to find a kratom company with such high standards and transparency. They leave lots of positive comments on Super Speciosa’s various products. Customers find the White Thai kratom to be very energizing without unwanted side effects. The Kratom Tea Bags are also a huge hit. Reviewers love having a premeasured source of kratom that they can brew into a beverage within minutes. Some add honey to their kratom tea for sweetness and flavor.

Super Speciosa’s capsules receive positive reviews, too. Customers say the Green Maeng Da kratom capsules provide the perfect dose with no aftertaste. The Red Bali kratom capsules are another favorite amongst those who buy kratom online, especially among those with chronic pain and insomnia.

Learn more at SuperSpeciosa.com

2. Kingdom Kratom – Runner Up: Large Variety

Founded in 2017, Kingdom Kratom is one of the fastest-growing kratom brands in the United States. They have been involved in kratom activism and advocacy, helping to change laws regulating kratom sales and use in various states. Kingdom Kratom has done lots of testing to make sure they’re sourcing their kratom from the best trees. They prefer to use aged kratom, rather than plantation-grown kratom, in their products. They find that aged kratom is stronger and more effective.

Kingdom Kratom has four main types of kratom for sale: Green Vein, White Vein, Red Vein, and Yellow Vein. They sell each strain in powder and capsule forms. Their other products include kratom extract and kratom gummies. The Kratom Extract Gummies come in packages of 5 or 15, and customers can choose from two flavors: tropical and peach.


  • Creative products, such as kratom gummies
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Sourced from the best kratom growers in Indonesia
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee 


  • Smaller strain selection than some other vendors

What Do Reviewers Say?

Kingdom Kratom’s products received great reviews, overall. Customers find the gummies a convenient alternative to kratom teas and powders. The tropical and peach flavors blend well with the natural flavor of the kratom. 

Reviewers also enjoy Kingdom Kratom’s kratom powders. The Maeng Da powder is a potent mood uplifter that makes users feel positive and energetic. Another favorite is the Green Velvet powder, which is made from a mixture of green vein kratom strains. It is very energizing and perfect for morning use. For pain relief, kratom users love the White Horn kratom powder.

Learn more at KingdomKratom.com

3. Top Extracts – Staff Pick: Innovative

Top Extracts has been in business since 2014. They have spent years finding the best sources of kratom in Indonesia and the Amazon Rainforest. This top kratom vendor is based in Chicago and is a member of the American Kratom Association and American Herbal Products Association. We were impressed by their attention to detail and their great variety of kratom products, which is why they are our Staff Pick.

Top Extracts sells kratom capsules, powders, extracts, and liquids. Their Sample Packs are a top seller, and for good reason. You can try small amounts of several different kratom strains to see which you like best. They also have travel size containers of kratom for sale - available with their most popular powders. Top Extracts kratom-infused Honey Stix are another innovative product. You can order one stick or a five-pack. Each stick contains approximately 25 mg of kratom extract dissolved in quality honey. Stir the honey into your morning tea, or enjoy it alone as a sweet treat.


  • Many creative, innovative kratom products
  • Good selection of powders and capsules
  • Lab-tested for quality control
  • Made with 100% Indonesian Fair Trade products
  • Sample-size and travel-sized packages available


  • More expensive than some brands

What Do Reviewers Say?

Reviewers compliment many of Top Extracts’ kratom powders. Most find the Red Dragon powder to be calming, with many customers using this strain at bedtime. Reviews of the Kali Super Green kratom powder note how energizing it is, especially when used in the morning.
One thing kratom users seem to love about all Top Extracts products is the packaging. The jars are secure, and each label offers plenty of information about the product inside.

Learn more at TopExtracts.com

What Factors Did We Use To Choose Our Top Kratom Providers?

If you search the internet for kratom for sale, you’ll find hundreds of kratom vendors. How, then, did we manage to narrow our list down to just three top vendors from which to buy kratom online? Actually, it was easier than you might assume. We set very high standards for the kratom companies we considered, and we only featured companies that met those high standards. Here are the factors we examined.

Third-Party Testing

This was the first thing we looked for. Companies that are serious about offering potent, pure kratom to their customers are happy to submit those products for lab-testing. The three best kratom vendors we list above all work with reputable labs and share their results with potential customers.

Good Sourcing

There are lots of good sources of kratom, and we favored companies that put the leg work into finding them. Each of the top kratom vendors we chose source their kratom from different farms. However, they have carefully examined the growing practices at those farms to ensure the kratom they receive is safe, potent, and consistent. As kratom companies demand good sources of growing practices, the growers improve their practices in response. The quality of kratom being grown has thereby improved in recent years.

Product Variety 

There are so many different strains of kratom, and their effects can be remarkably different. As such, we felt that the best kratom vendors were those who offered a good variety of strains for customers to choose from. We also considered the types of kratom products being sold. Customers appreciate creative options, like kratom gummies and extracts — and so did we.

Company Ethics

The companies featured here do their best to operate ethically. They are all involved in kratom advocacy, at least to some degree. When you buy kratom online from them, you get guarantees on the products, and they push for fair labor standards in the kratom industry, both in the U.S. and abroad.

What To Look for When You Buy Kratom Online

Regardless of why you’re using kratom, you want to make sure the kratom you buy over the Internet - or even in a shop - is pure, consistent, and potent. You want to ensure the strains you receive are the strains you ordered and paid for. You also want to know that the kratom products you purchase are free from any potential contaminants or harmful additives. In other words, you want to buy quality kratom for sale. Here’s what to look for as you explore your options. 

American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is an organization that sets Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Companies that belong to the AKA must follow these standards to maintain their membership. So, when shopping for quality kratom products, AKA membership is the first thing to look for in a quality kratom vendor. If you buy from an AKA company, then you know your kratom has been produced in accordance with their high standards. Buying from an AKA kratom vendor also supports this group’s advocacy.

Detailed Product Descriptions

The best kratom companies are excited to tell you about their products. If product descriptions are detailed, that’s a good sign of a quality kratom vendor. It allows you to read about and fully understand the effects of a kratom strain before you buy it. New kratom users, especially, can really learn and grow by reading detailed product labels.

A Variety of Package Sizes 

You probably don’t want to buy a whole pound of a strain of kratom you’ve never tried before. So, look for a kratom vendor that sells most or all of their kratom products in a variety of package sizes. Some companies have sample packs of kratom for sale, which is extra nice. But as long as you can buy a smaller pack before committing to a large one, you’re off to a good start.

Good Strain Selections 

As previously mentioned, each strain of kratom can have radically different effects. Some strains make you feel relaxed and sleepy, while other strains are like a strong cup of coffee — energizing and uplifting. You may want one strain of kratom for some situations and another strain for different needs. So, try to buy from a company that offers a good variety of strains.

Transparency in Sourcing and Testing 

You should be able to visit the kratom company’s website, find out where they source their products, and also read all about their lab testing. Good kratom vendors don’t shy away from sharing this information.

What Are the Benefits of Kratom?

Kratom has only become popular in the United States over the past few years, but Asian countries have been using it therapeutically for centuries. It is a natural substance, is relatively easy to harvest and process, and comes with a number of health benefits — including the following.

Increased Energy

Many people use kratom like they would use coffee: to give them a burst of energy in the morning or when they’re feeling tired. Strains that are good for this purpose include White Maeng Da and Green Bali kratom. In addition to energizing you, the kratom may also help you focus mentally so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Pain Relief

Kratom contains compounds that work similar to opiates in the body. These compounds interact with certain receptors to ease your pain. As such, people often take kratom tablets or capsules to manage chronic pain, such as that caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia. You can also use kratom to ease acute pain due to surgery or an injury. 

Most strains of kratom offer some degree of pain relief. But if pain relief is the main reason you are taking kratom, you should look for Red Vein strains. These strains are especially well suited for pain relief, but they are not overly relaxing, so they won’t make you feel worn out.

Improved Mood 

Those struggling with unstable moods and mood disorders often take kratom to manage their symptoms. Relaxing kratom strains can help ease feelings of anxiety and worry. Strains that are more energizing may help ease feelings of depression. Kratom is thought to affect the body’s levels of a hormone called corticosterone. Since corticosterone is related to mood, taking kratom helps stabilize the mood.

Increased Libido

Kratom has long been rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Recent clinical studies have confirmed that it can, in fact, enhance the libido.

Better Sleep 

While you would not want to take an energizing strain of kratom before bedtime, taking a relaxing strain can help you drift off. People who struggle with chronic or periodic insomnia often benefit from swallowing kratom tablets or capsules, or even enjoying a cup of tea made from kratom leaves, before curling up for the night. It can help directly by affecting your levels of various sleep hormones, and also indirectly by helping to ease any anxiety or pain that may be keeping you awake.

If you want to use kratom for insomnia, good strains to consider include Red Borneo and Red Vein Bali kratom. Red Borneo works as a sedative due to its high alkaloid content, and Red Vein Bali also has a soothing effect due to its alkaloid content. If you think depression may be keeping you awake, try Red Maeng Da kratom. It will help create a feeling of euphoria without making you too energetic.

How Much Kratom Should You Take?

Finding the right dosage of kratom can take a little time. Some people are more sensitive to kratom than others and need a lower dose. The dose also depends, in part, on the strain you’re using and the effects you hope to get from the kratom. The average kratom dose is anywhere from 2 g - 8 g at a time. 

Here are some more detailed, general guidelines to keep in mind when deciding on a kratom dose:

  • <2 grams: Microdose
  • 2 - 6 grams: Low Dose
  • 6 - 8 grams: High Dose
  • >8 grams: Heavy Dose

Doses for Different Needs

When deciding how much kratom to take, start by considering why you are taking the kratom. If your primary goal is pain relief, then you’ll likely need a higher dose. If your goal is increased energy, then you may only need a microdose. And, if you’re treating a condition like depression or insomnia, you may want to dose somewhere in the middle.

To put more specific numbers to this information, here are some suggestions:

  • Energy and Focus:  1 - 2 grams
  • Anxiety: 3 - 4 grams
  • Mild or Moderate Depression: 1 - 4 grams
  • Serious Depression: 4 grams or more
  • Insomnia: 4 grams or more

Keep in mind that kratom dosage is heavily dependent on body weight. If you are on the lighter side, err on the lower side of these dosage recommendations. If you’re heavier, expect to need closer to the maximum in the dose range.

Finding Your Kratom Dose: Kratom Powders vs Kratom Capsules 

The best way to find your ideal kratom dose is to start off slow using kratom powder. The first time you use kratom, take just 2 grams of kratom powder. (Or, if you’re a smaller person, you can start with just one gram.) Use a scale to measure your kratom to ensure you’re taking the proper weight. A tablespoon of kratom powder weighs about 2.7 grams, but every strain is a little different.

You should feel the effects of kratom in about 30 to 40 minutes. If you recently ate a large meal, it may take a little longer to kick in. If you like what you feel, then you’ve found your dose. On the other hand, if you’re not quite getting the results you expected, you should take a little more next time. For instance, if you took 2 grams the first time and didn’t feel energized enough, you can try taking 3 grams next time.

If you’re new to kratom, it’s best to purchase powders rather than kratom capsules. Capsules contain pre-measured doses and don’t really allow for starting with a very small amount and working your way up.

Can You Take Too Much Kratom?

Yes. Taking too much kratom can lead to unpleasant symptoms like headache, dizziness, and nausea. This is why it’s so important to start with a small dose and adjust upward from there. 

Also, if you feel overly fatigued when taking kratom and you don’t desire this effect, just take less the next time. Kratom tends to be more energizing at lower doses but sedating at higher doses.

Side Effects of Kratom

Kratom has a long history of use in Asian countries and is generally considered safe — as long as you buy from a reputable company and can be sure your kratom is free from contaminants.

However, like most natural substances, kratom can cause some unwanted side effects. Usually, this happens when people take too much kratom, or when they use a more potent strain than they are used to. The side effects of kratom tend to wear off as soon as the kratom is out of your system, which only takes a few hours. Still, it is important to be aware of them.


Some people find that they feel nauseous soon after ingesting kratom. You may feel the urge to vomit, or you may simply feel like your stomach is churning. 

This effect can be due, in part, to the fibrous nature of the kratom itself. The powder expands in your stomach and can make you feel a little queasy. 

If you’re struggling with nausea, switching to a kratom tea, rather than powder or capsules, may help. With kratom tea, you are ingesting far less plant matter. Taking your kratom on a full stomach may also help. The kratom may take longer to kick in, but you’ll experience less nausea.

Fatigue and Sedation

Some people take kratom to feel sedated at bedtime. But if you’re taking kratom for energy and instead find yourself feeling stuck to the couch, this is a problem. Luckily, fatigue almost always means you’ve taken too high of a dose. Cut your dose way back the next time you take kratom, and you should feel more of its energizing effects.

Some people also start to feel fatigued after using kratom daily for a long period. Taking periodic breaks from kratom can help keep your reaction to it fresher. Switching strains every now and then can also help prevent fatigue.


Dizziness and fatigue often go hand-in-hand with kratom. You may feel like the world is spinning if you get up too quickly. If you do experience dizziness, the best thing to do is just lie back, take deep breaths, and let the symptoms ride out. Next time, take less kratom.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water when taking kratom, too. It can be dehydrating, and dehydration can contribute to dizziness. Make it a habit to drink an entire glass of water whenever you take kratom. Also consider carrying a water bottle with you so you can sip throughout the day. Using kratom tea, rather than powder, may help you stay more hydrated, too.

Brain Fog and Confusion 

If you start to feel like your thoughts are muffled or are coming on too slowly, you may be experiencing what’s known as brain fog. Some people experience this when their kratom starts to wear off. It’s sort of like the crash you might get when your coffee starts to wear off in the afternoon. 

You can often avoid brain fog by staying extra hydrated when you take kratom. Also, consider switching strains. A more energizing strain is less likely to have this effect.


Is kratom legal?

Kratom is legal to buy and use in the United States. It is not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act. 

There are, however, a handful of U.S. states that restrict the use of kratom. In Alabama, for example, kratom is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. In New Hampshire, kratom is only legal for use in those ages 18 and older. And in Indiana, kratom is considered a synthetic drug and is therefore illegal. Kratom activist groups are working to increase awareness of the therapeutic benefits of kratom and change these laws.

Can you smoke kratom?

Kratom can be smoked, and a few people choose to use it in this way. However, there are a lot of downsides to smoking kratom, which is why most people take kratom orally instead.

While smoking allows the kratom to be absorbed faster, the duration of the effects is shorter than when kratom is taken orally. Kratom smoke is also quite harsh on the lungs, and it is hard to control the dose when smoking — so people often overdo it and experience side effects like nausea and dizziness. 

When people do smoke kratom, they often smoke dried kratom leaves rolled up into a cigarette-like tube. This is relatively common in Southeast Asia, but not in North America where whole kratom leaves are hard to come by. You can also smoke ground kratom leaves in a glass pipe or bong, but again, this results in harsh and unpleasant smoke that most people don’t find enjoyable.

What are the three strains of kratom?

You may hear people talking about “the three strains of kratom”. This is a bit of a misnomer because, in fact, there are dozens of strains of kratom. However, these strains are typically divided into three main categories based on leaf color.

Red Vein kratom strains include Red Bali, Red Horn, and Red Indo. Overall, these strains are known for being fast-acting and potent. They are exceptional for pain relief and sedation.

Green Vein kratom strains include Green Drago, Green Bali, and Green Hulu. These strains are milder and good choices for those new to kratom. They tend to be energizing and stimulating.

White Vein kratom strains include White Asia, White Indo, and White Horn. These strains offer some pain relief, but they are also highly energizing and good for morning use.

You may see some strains described as “yellow vein kratom”, too. Kratom does not grow naturally with yellow veins. Instead, these yellow vein strains are white vein strains that have been processed in a way that makes the veins appear yellow.

Can kratom help you lose weight?

Kratom is not a miracle weight loss drug, but some people do find it helps them lose weight when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Kratom can assist with weight loss in a few ways:

  • Kratom makes you feel more energetic, so you move around more and burn more calories.
  • Kratom can help you get better sleep, and you’re better able to resist tempting foods when well-rested.
  • Kratom may help stabilize your mood so you’re less likely to overeat in response to feelings of depression or anxiety.

If you want to lose weight with the help of kratom, make sure you track your calorie intake, incorporate some exercise, and take your time. Stick to a low dose of kratom, and reduce your dose if you ever start feeling dizzy or nauseous.

Good strains to try for weight loss include Red Maeng Da, which helps ease anxiety, and White Thai, which improves the mood and encourages motivation.

What plant does kratom come from?

Kratom comes from a species of evergreen tree known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa. These trees can grow to 80 feet tall or more. They tend to have thin, straight trunks with gray bark. 

Mitragyna speciosa trees grow only in tropical climates and are known for their broad, waxy leaves with prominent veins. They can be found in the wild in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. However, many farms also grow Mitragyna speciosa trees specifically to make kratom. The leaves are the part of the plant that is processed into kratom powder and other kratom products.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is a natural, plant substance with a long history of therapeutic use. If you are looking for a way to manage chronic pain, increase your energy levels, or stabilize your mood, you may want to give kratom a try. 

It is important to make sure you buy kratom from a reputable vendor. All three of the kratom providers we’ve listed above provide top-quality kratom that has been lab-tested and approved. We recommend looking for a strain that suits your needs, then starting with a low dose to see how you feel. Kratom can be incredibly beneficial when you source it well and treat it respectfully.