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Best Tongkat Ali Supplement of 2023 – Top 6 Products That Boost Your Performance

When it comes to supplements, there is a lot of info available, but it’s always hard to know which info to trust.

Presented by Originated Media November 17, 2022

When it comes to supplements, there is a lot of info available, but it’s always hard to know which info to trust. This is especially true with supplements that influence sexual health, as there are quite a few charlatan “products” that would have you believe they are the end-all be-all libido boosters or erection magicians. Here, we cover a long-standing natural supplement for use in libido boosting that has been around quite a while. Here’s the skinny on the best tongkat ali brands - what they are, which supplements are best to try, its benefits, side effects, and more.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is a plant that has been used as a natural supplement for centuries to boost male fertility and sexual health and is still popular today. The best tongkat ali supplement options have been shown to improve testosterone levels in men and it also helps with erectile dysfunction, low libido and other sexual problems. In Indonesia, tongkat ali is often mixed with coffee or tea to make it easier to drink because the taste can be bitter.  

Besides sexual health, it has been found that tongkat ali benefits can include reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and positive effects on other heart-related problems. It is also said to have many other health benefits such as helping with stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also help with fatigue and cognitive function.

Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Choices

  1. Double Wood Supplements - Best Overall Tongkat Ali Supplement
  2. BulkSupplements - The Versatile Size Choice
  3. Akarali - Premium Performance
  4. Pure Formulas - Malaysian LJ100 Goodness
  5. Superior Labs - Six Weeks to Success
  6. Hims - Direct ED Treatment

Best Tongkat Ali Supplement – Reviews & Analyses

1. Double Wood Supplements - Best Overall Tongkat Ali Supplement


  • Supports libido maintenance, especially with age
  • Made in the USA
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee


  • Limited information about the guarantee available on the website

Brand Product Features

The Tongkat Ali Extract product from Double Wood Supplements is a combination supplement of tongkat ali and tribulus terrestris extracts. Together, these extracts power your libido, reduce cortisol, and even help reduce stress and anxiety. Tongkat ali also contributes to overall feelings of well-being and can even power up your workout gains by improving power output and amping up your lean mass.

Each bottle of Double Wood Supplements’ tongkat ali product contains 120 tongkat ali extract tablets. The recommended dosage is two per day, containing roughly 1,020 mg per serving. This also means each bottle lasts roughly two months, however, the recommendation is to not exceed four tablets per day and, at that rate, the bottle would last for a month at a time.

This tongkat ali supplement contains tongkat ali root extract at a 200:1 ratio and at about 1,000 mg per serving. This is paired with tribulus terrestris fruit extract at 20 mg per serving. The supplement should be taken with food, as it may cause an upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach. This best tongkat ali product is also vegan-friendly with no gelatin involved. 

Double Wood Supplements is based in Pennsylvania and produces this tongkat ali supplement fully in the US with Good Manufacturing Practice certification and a 100 percent money-back guarantee. 

Pricing, Discounts, and Specials

The Double Wood Supplements Tongkat Ali Extract is well-priced at $24.95 USD for a 120-capsule bottle. If you sign up for the subscription service, you can save 10 percent, bringing the price further down, to a very affordable $22.46 every 30, 60, or 90 days, based on the frequency that you choose. There is no commitment required on the subscription length, so you can cancel it easily or update the frequency if you need a different time frame.

There is also a 20 percent discount available if you sign up for the Double Wood Supplements email newsletter opt-in. 

The Bottom Line

Tongkat Ali Extract from Double Wood Supplements tops our list of the best tongkat ali supplements on the market today due to its powerful combination that pairs tongkat ali extract with tribulus terrestris extract. This is one of the best tongkat ali brands whose tongkat ali supplement is well-priced, widely available, and very positively reviewed, with thousands of product ratings across a multitude of websites. 

Learn more at DoubleWoodSupplements.com

2. BulkSupplements - The Versatile Size Choice


  • Wide array of dosage sizes available
  • Lab tested & third-party tested
  • Boosts performance in the gym and bedroom


  • Free shipping applies to contiguous US states only
  • Some reviews report a slightly bitter taste

Brand Product Features

One of the first major differences that sets Longjack Extract from BulkSupplements apart is that it comes in powder form and a wide array of product sizes are available. Everything from 25 gram pouches are available, up to 250 and 500 gram pouches. You can also go even higher with 1 kilogram to 5 kg, even up to a whopping 25 kg tub if you decide you love this tongkat ali product and want to stock up. 

This pure tongkat ali extract is for use for sex and is especially oriented toward fitness and strength-minded people. Longjack Extract helps increase testosterone, lengthen endurance, boost lean muscle mass, and improve muscle recovery from workouts. It also boosts strength and also helps create and maintain elevated moods, calm mindsets, and promotes general wellbeing. 

User reviews reflect a bitter taste of the tongkat ali extract on its own, but fans of the brand love to mix it into everything from coffee to chocolate milk, to smoothies. They report increased sex drive as well as noticeable assertiveness and workout gains. While these are anecdotal examples, overall the reviews are extremely positive and promising, which is a big reason why it’s included on our best tongkat ali brands list. 

Pricing, Discounts, and Specials

Standard pricing for Longjack Extract from BulkSupplements ranges widely due to the eight different levels of product sizes available. The 25 gram pouch runs $10.96 and includes 0.9 oz. A mid-range size of 500 grams is $38.96 for 1.1 lbs. of the supplement. At the top end is a huge 55 lbs. tub of 25 kilograms of Longjack Extract, which will run you a full $1,243. 

The great news is that BulkSupplements offers a five percent discount on subscribe and save orders, and you can get free shipping on orders of $60 or more. In addition, the BulkSupplements VIP email list offers discounts and offers and grants a 10 percent discount for signing up.  

The Bottom Line

The sheer versatility of product sizes available is a major reason Longjack Extract from BulkSupplements placed so highly on our list of the best tongkat ali supplements. We love that you can go as low as 25 grams and as high as 25 kilograms, with six more size options in between, as different users looking to boost their performance in the gym and at home may approach their dosing and storage differently. 

Learn more at BulkSupplements.com

3. Akarali - Premium Performance


  • First tongkat ali supplement in the world to be clinically tested
  • 20 years of clinical trial data and industry experience
  • MIT-created formulation


  • Slightly higher price point than others on this list 

Brand Product Features

Akarali’s Tongkat Ali Supplement for Men has one of the most impressive resumes of all tongkat ali brands. It is backed by twenty years of clinical data and clinical trials, and was jointly formulated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the famed MIT). 

Akarali’s process is called Physta and it is so unique that it is patented in its employment of freeze-dry and hot water technological extraction methods. Akarali’s supplement in turn produces one of the highest, most bioactive potencies of pure tongkat ali extract on the market due to its unique extraction method. This process produces an excellent response time after ingestion, with minimal dosage overall. 

You can tell the company tries hard to ensure they deliver the best possible tongkat ali products, since supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so the fact that they have had 26 clinical trials since 2003 speaks volumes. For context, this is among the most overall clinical trials in the world in this industry. 

As a result of all the research and testing, Akarali’s Tongkat Ali Supplement for Men delivers potency that is ten times that of its competitors. Akarali’s tongkat ali capsules also promote overall health, boost libido and sexual function, and help sustain healthy body mass index to remain at a good body weight. 

In the gym, users find increased anaerobic power, skyrocketing lean muscle growth, and extended overall performance power. This leads to greater workout gains, increased levels of free testosterone, and reductions in fatigue, depression, and anxiety. 

Pricing, Discounts, and Specials

You can get a 20 percent lifetime discount off by visiting the website linked in this article, which also includes links to multiple distributors that offer various other discounts as well. There are also multi-bottle tongkat ali capsules and subscription model savings across the board. 

The Bottom Line

When Akarali says its Tongkat Ali Supplement for Men is clinically proven to be among the best in the world at boosting libido, stamina, and energy, we see its 20 years of clinical research and tend to agree. Akarali also has one of the most professional websites on this list and, while that does not determine the quality of a product, it does display a very different level of professionalism and clout that the brand cares to put such resources into its product. This is reflective also in the years of voluntary clinical trials to get this tongkat ali product right. 

Learn more at Akarali.com

4. Pure Formulas - Malaysian LJ100 Goodness


  • Includes LJ100 nutraceutical approach 
  • Malaysian water method of extraction
  • Occasionally reduces mental fatigue


  • Highest price point on our list (in terms of a one-month supply)

Brand Product Features

The Source Naturals Tongkat Ali Male Libido Tonic is a dietary supplement presented by Pure Formulas. The key to this supplement is its LJ100 approach to the eurycoma longifolia/tongkat ali root extract. This approach combines tongkat ali root extract with quassinoids, which has a similar boosting effect for testosterone levels. The LJ100 approach is a patented and rigorously tested proprietary nutraceutical ingredient, improving this product’s effects even further.

Tongkat Ali Male Libido Tonic uses the Malaysian water method of extraction to maintain the highest levels of testosterone-boosting materials that increase muscle size, boost strength, and decrease workout recovery time. 

The serving size for the tonic supplement is a single tablet, twice daily, making each bottle last a full month. According to the label, optimal effectiveness occurs within 1-3 weeks of consistent usage.

Pricing, Discounts, and Specials

Unlock a one-time 15 percent discount by signing up for the Pure Formulas email list. Visit the website linked in this article to get a full 30 percent off an order of Pure Formulas’ tongkat ali extract tablets, including free shipping. This brings the regular price of a 60-tablet bottle from $53.98 down to $37.79. A 30-tablet bottle is also available for $20.29.

An autoship service is also available to have regular deliveries scheduled. This service includes free two-day shipping and free returns. 

The Bottom Line

This product works well enough on the male libido side of things that one of the top Amazon customer reviews is from a man in his 60s that had to stop using because it was making him more active than his wife wanted. Now that’s a vote of confidence! Users also report the intended responses of increased performance at the gym. This feedback was consistent enough to make it a driving factor of why the Source Naturals Tongkat Ali from Pure Formulas made our list of the best tongkat ali products. 

Learn more at PureFormulas.com

5. Superior Labs - Six Weeks to Success


  • Unique six-week process
  • Nine-ingredient formula
  • Clinically proven to lower SHBG 


  • Unclear how often the six-week process should be repeated to keep the effects active in the body 

Brand Product Features

Right away, the TestWORx Natural T Booster from Superior Labs sets itself apart by outlining a unique six-week regimen for success. TestWORx enhances sex drive and increases desire, improves stamina, reduces fat, and promotes both muscle growth and reduction in recovery time between workouts. 

Centered on the same tongkat ali base ingredient of the other supplements on our list, TestWORx differentiates first by using the LJ100 version. Next, it adds eight more ingredients, for a total ingredient list of: 

  • LJ100 (eurycoma longifolia root extract)
  • L-arginine HCI
  • Zinc 
  • Stinging nettle leaf powder
  • Maca Root Powder
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pyridoxine-3 Carboxamide

This combination of ingredients produces one of the strongest and most effective formulations on the market by limiting the effects of the sex hormone-binding globulin (or SHBG). This subsequently results in better sleep, faster recovery, boosted stamina, better mood, higher energy - all through increased testosterone levels. 

The dosage for taking tongkat ali for this one is interesting since it’s such a unique approach. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and each dose is two capsules per day in the morning, 15 minutes before eating. Doses are to be taken five days a week, giving the body a break with two days off per week. Improvement is shown within six weeks and lasts beyond. 

Pricing, Discounts, and Specials

The Superior Labs TestWORx Natural T Booster retails at $39.95. Tempering this higher price point are a few things: the limited run of the process, which is capped at six weeks. The email list opt-in also gets you a 10 percent off discount code right off the bat. You can also nab an extra five percent off via the site’s subscription service, which lets you choose however many months in between refills as you’d like. 

The Bottom Line

TestWORx from Superior Labs is among the most unique approaches to tongkat ali supplements on our list. It is incredibly well-reviewed at 4.5 stars out of nearly 6,000 reviews on the main website alone. The singular six-week process makes TestWORx the only supplement on our list that has an end date in mind. The rest are ongoing dosages. 

Learn more at SuperiorLabs.com

6. Hims - Direct ED Treatment


  • Generic form of Viagra
  • Direct treatment of erectile dysfunction 
  • FDA-approved and clinically proven effectiveness


  • Not for use by anyone using nitrates, heart medicines, or high blood pressure medications
  • Highly recommended that you seek your doctor’s advice before using

Brand Product Features

Hims provides sildenafil, which is the generic form of Viagra. This is a very specific medication for a very specific use, so you’ll not find a long list of tangential benefits here. This medication helps men achieve and maintain erections and it’s very good at doing so. 

The process includes the increase of blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis. Sildenafil also inhibits an enzyme the body produces, called PDE5. This enzyme exists in the vascular system, within the walls of blood vessels, and affects certain signals the body exchanges, including affecting blood flow.

Dosage options include 25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg and rather than looking at the overall supply on a monthly basis like the others on this list, sildenafil is instead an on-use, as-needed medication. Users of sildenafil need only pop a single pill as the full dose about an hour before sexual activity. 

One of the great benefits of the Hims service is that a full consultation is available directly on the website. A consultation is required in order to be issued a prescription, as this is a prescribed medicine and is not available over-the-counter, as the rest of the options on our list. The great news is that the consultation is fast, painless, and, if you qualify, gets you the prescription you need directly.

Post-consultation, if you are deemed a good candidate, the medical provider will issue you a direct delivery of sildenafil via mail. You are also then free to follow up with this medical provider with any subsequent questions, without cost. 

Pricing, Discounts, and Specials

Sildenafil itself is roughly 90 percent less expensive than brand-name Viagra, so the “discount” is built right in. Beyond that, you can also get fully free shipping on this if it is ordered as a prescribed medicine. 

The Bottom Line

If erectile dysfunction is your need and you are able to get a prescription, sildenafil is one of the surest bets there is. What it lacks in additional benefits (as the others on this list have), it makes up for in being as effective as possible with its main goal of producing viable penile erections on a consistent basis. 

Learn more at ForHims.com

How We Selected the Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Options

We made this list of the best tongkat ali supplements based on a thorough review of all products and competitors. Tongkat ali brands, products, and distribution websites were reviewed by price, availability of product, availability of size options, manufacturing practices, company history, and discounts and programs. This list was compiled by a team of researchers with thorough knowledge of the natural supplement and ED treatment fields of medicine and nutraceuticals. 

How to Buy High-Quality Tongkat Ali Supplements

Tongkat ali supplements are designed to increase testosterone levels in men. However, not all of them are created equal. It is important to know what you should look for when purchasing these supplements.

The first and most important thing to consider is the purity of the tongkat ali supplement. This will ensure that you are getting the right ingredients in the right doses which will give you the desired results. One of the difficult parts of even considering this part is that it requires that you trust the brand, as you are at the relative mercy of the brand and its labelingAnother thing to consider when buying a tongkat ali supplement is how it is manufactured and where it comes from. There are many supplements that claim they come from Malaysia but they actually come from China and contain low-quality ingredients with high concentrations of fillers and binders which can cause side effects such as nausea, headaches, stomach cramps, mood swings, dizziness etc.

If you are interested in purchasing tongkat ali products, some other important factors to look into would be the ingredient list and price. In addition, take into consideration the following factors: 

  • The ingredients used in the supplement. Some companies use ingredients that are not as high quality as others. A high-quality product will likely include ingredients such as wildcrafted Malaysian leaves of tongkat ali, natural extracts from other plants, and other chemicals with no known side effects. 
  • The price of the supplement. A higher price does not always mean higher quality, and vice versa.
  • The reviews of the product by past customers. Reviews can provide valuable information about a product before purchase, such as how effective it is and if there are any side effects that need to be taken into consideration before buying it. A company that manufactures a high-quality tongkat ali supplement with an affordable price will be more likely to get a positive review from past customers, as this is why they offer the product in the first place. 

It is also very important to consider the quality of the supplement before buying it. There are many different types of tongkat ali supplements available on the market today, but not all are created equal. 

Since natural supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there are many reasons why you should buy tongkat ali supplements from trusted sources. 

  • The best brand of tongkat ali supplements will have standardized tongkat ali extract with high concentrations and low to no side effects.
  • Tongkat ali pills are often much cheaper when you buy them from trusted sources versus other sources
  • There is a higher chance that the tongkat ali supplement contains exactly what is written on the label.
  • It is easier to establish trust when buying from a trusted source than when buying from an unknown source.
  • If you buy tongkat ali supplements from a trusted source they are more likely to be labeled with all of the information regarding how much tongkat ali extract there is in each pill or how many pills are in a bottle, which gives consumers an idea of what exactly they are getting for their money.

What are the Benefits of Tongkat Ali

The benefits of tongkat ali include:

  • Increased libido
  • Improved mood 
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • High energy
  • Improved liver and kidney health

Tongkat ali is also said to help with tension, confusion and anger. It reduces cortisol and increases testosterone.

How to Take Tongkat Ali

Taking tongkat ali is typically done orally, via pills or capsules, and dosage varies, depending upon which of the above brands you choose. Generally it involves swallowing one-to-four pills per day. 

How Long Does it Take for Tongkat Ali to Work

Tongkat ali users report results in as little as one day and otherwise up to roughly three-to-four weeks. 

Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

The possible side effects of tongkat ali are few:

  • Headaches 
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea

If you experience any of these side effects, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor, as many times an additional medication can be prescribed to treat these other effects. 


How does tongkat ali affect women? 

The benefits of tongkat ali in female fertility and libido is still unclear, however a study done in 1964 at the University of Wisconsin had to do with the use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors in female fertility. Results show that out of all 15 subjects who took tongkat ali, 13 showed improvement and 2 showed no significant change. 

The study found that there were positive effects on mood, libido and physical performance such as endurance. The test was done by taking a menstrual history from all the subjects and then measuring their testosterone levels before and after supplementation with the plant extract. 

The study found that there was a decrease in the number of days of menstrual bleeding among the women who took tongkat ali.

What colors does tongkat ali come in? 

The color of tongkat ali can vary, and the color of the tongkat ali root depends on how old it is. The color of the powder depends on what part of the root was used for extraction. Tongkat ali is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, King's Treasure, and Long Jack. Tongkat ali is the first ingredient in the male aphrodisiac product called Malaysian ginseng.

What is the botanical background of tongkat ali? 

Tongkat ali is a type of tree that grows in Southeast Asia. It is a plant that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to enhance male sexual function. Tongkat ali has been used by the people of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for centuries.

The extract from tongkat ali roots was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and to increase energy levels. It is also known as Malaysian ginseng, but it is not related to the Asian ginseng plant. The extract can be found in herbal remedies marketed as “herbal viagra” or “natural testosterone booster” and it is sold online as a dietary supplement in capsules, tablets, or liquid extract form. This section will discuss the benefits of yellow tongkat ali and its use cases throughout history. 

Tongkat ali is one of the four major species of the genus "Eurycoma Longifolia". The other three are "E. Jambos", "E. Tuberosa", and "E. Japonica". It is a shrub-like tree that can grow up to high and wide, with yellow flowers in small clusters (hence “yellow tongkat ali”). It has been found in abundance on Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Island, as well as in Thailand, Vietnam, and possibly Myanmar.

The species is native to the South East Asia region, with its distribution spreading north into Thailand, Vietnam and possibly Myanmar. It has been found in abundance around Sarawak, Malaya, Borneo Island and Peninsular Malaysia for centuries. 

The species was first described by a French botanist named Dr. Bernard Victor Regnault on February 16th 1834 in Paris from a specimen collected from the mountain ranges of Kalimantan (today known as Borneo) by the French explorer Dr. Humboldt in 1811.

The leaves of the tongkat ali plant are elliptical-lanceolate in shape and have a cylindrical shaft that tapers to a blunt point at the petiole (leaf stem). The leaf blade is roughly 2–6 inches long and 1 inch wide, with 5–9 (usually 7 or 8) pairs of leaflets per leaf. The rachis joins the pair of leaflets on either side of the leaf to form a short stem. The upper surface of the leaves is dark green, while the lower surface is membranous or paler in color. 


This list of the best tongkat ali supplements compiles the best of the best in one place, so you can make an informed decision and not only try out the supplement for yourself, but also keep the link to this article to revisit later, when you’re ready to try another brand.